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O TOLERANCE policy ruined my life


I am strongly against the 0 tolerance policy.This policy if used maliciously (often by employers) is indirectly discriminatory related to multi ethnic cultures and its perceptions. I was a Nurse in the National Health Service England.

99% of people and patients I met and treated patient customer relations were always focused and caring

The 1% in my situation Senior Management misused power,position and privilege.

Does this sound familiar????

So for 2 years of my life falling from grace to hell was left unstopped by the Royal College of Nurses Union actually felt as if almost supported dismissal, Human Relations were biased , evil , aggressive , using complete lawfulness constant discrimination and abuse of power.

So dismissal was capability, the career is lost, 5 months waiting for Ill Health Retirement decision and completely ruined internally and at the time the 0 Tolerance policy which was enforced upon me because of 1 persons perception has ruined my life, my mind, my actual being of self worth. And they still work still earn a salary and no doubt are doing the same to other people.

There is no difference in being abused in the workplace due to perception discrimination and overbearing management styles to any other abuse that can be dealt with by the Criminal Law of the UK.

Civil Law is to lenient and the 0 tolerance policy has turned good citizens into monsters and monsters into managers.