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Anxiety is ruining my life


My anxiety got so bad that I ended up losing my job, not being able to drive anymore , and barely leave the house. I force myself to do a lot of things hoping everything will eventually get better. I have so many physical symptoms like chest pain, tight chest, hot flashes, racing thoughts, shaking, etc. I have an extremely hard time falling and staying asleep because of it. It's even hard for me to eat sometimes. I usually force myself, because my anxiety just destroys my appetite. I have been prescribed so many different medications, and none of them help. My doctor says I don't even look anxious, and I don't even think believes me. It sucks. I'm so miserable living like this, and nobody understands. I don't know what to do to get help, because I am seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist right now. None of it is helping. I can't even get it through my doctors head how miserable I am just to wake up. He says I act fine. I tried explaining to all my doctors that I hide a lot of shit. I don't like people feeling bad for me. I am a 24 year old male. I guess I'm just hear to get some advice or positive comments. Thank you all.

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Eat a couple of bananas a day they will you to be a bit more calm.

Get things to do like drawing, exercising or anything to keep yourself busy. You need to tell yourself that it is only anxiety and it will do you no harm, you can handle it.

Come onto here often to chat and learn from others.

I find it hard with physical symtoms I take bannanas takes the edge off every day seems to be different symtoms

I know how you feel I suffered 20 years ago with anxiety it took me about 3 months to get over it with a therapist and had a normal life again so I was lucky. But the last couple of months I got so stressed again my anxiety has come back. I have a lot more responsibility now job, children etc it's abit harder to fight it this time but I am slowly getting back to normal because I know it's cureable and it's our own mind we are fighting with. It's is possible you can get though this. Have you ever watched Dr. Weekes on you tube she's amazing. Wish you well.

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It's crazy though, because I wake up with these physical symptoms. Like it's not just in my head. It must be a chemical imbalance or something, but no medication has helped. I have been put on anti depressants, mood stabalizers, etc. and all kinds of other things to help bring my chemicals back to normal. They all made it worse. Just being on a medication that isn't made for anxiety gives me anxiety.

Me and you are like in the same boat...... Am a student in school and each day i find myself instead of going to school am wrapped up in my bed just scared. I have chest pain, tight throat, shortness of breath, jello-legs, headaches, stomach pain, i just got of my meds for acid reflux....Like its so horrible.

I was on ativan, and it really helped but my doctor only gave me it for 7 days, he doesnt want me to become addicted to it....But i NEED it.. am not addicted its just that it helped me to take my mind of the physical symptoms and allow me to relax. Now am trying to find other avenues that can help me. i just made an appointment to see a therapist and am hoping it works and they are able to put my mind at ease.

In the past month i have had 4 ecgs done to my heart..all came back normal...I've had blood works done and they where find.

I cant accept the fact that this is anxiety.

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Yea, I understand completely. I have been prescribed many different benzos, and those are the only ones that seem to help. No doctors will prescribe them to me anymore, because they don't want me to become dependent. I'm at the point where I don't care if I become dependent on them. I just want to feel normal again. I have also had so many test done as well, ekg, cat scan, tilt table test, heart monitor for 1 month, and so many more.


You sound as though you are suffering from magnesium deficiency to me and with your lack of eating I'm probably right.

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Nope, I went to my primary care physician a couple days ago and got a bunch of blood and other tests done. I am completely healthy. Even when my anxiety destroys my appetite, I still force myself to eat plenty of food.


Your bloods will be correct because your body pulls magnesium from the bones and muscles to maintain a level in the blood. Your heart is a muscle, lack of magnesium causes palpitations in the brain rushing thoughts and cognitive problems.

But it was a suggestion and you are best to go by what your doctor says.

Change your doctors firstly how unprofessional!! It will take time I'm afraid. Have you read any self help books such as cbt or mindfulness? Find ways to relax at home - bath, yoga etc when you feel ready set yourself a small achievable challenge to each day to build yourself back up again xx

I take it one day at a time. Just try to cling to Jesus' promise that He will hold you with His righteous right Hand. And Jesus is holding you and God is holding Jesus so it's a double armour of strength and protection. In Psalm 139 of the Bible , God tells us how He knows everything about us, even before we were born all the days of our lives were written in His book. He is acquainted with all our ways. And in Psalm 91 you will read about how God is protecting you.

I had some psychotherapy years ago from Dr Pauline Holmes, Phd. who used Bible-based psychotherapy to help me understand and lessen my fears. Today, she has a website with free programs and books that you can download and listen to. Go to to listen to her topics. When you are at the website, click on the button at the top of the screen "our web radio page" and you will find many subjects such as the "fear" and "giants" series . These and other topics have helped me understand my anxiety and helped lessen and cope with it.

I pray this will be a blessing to you. Take care, be at peace, I'm praying for you now .

I've read articles online, books, anything I can do to help cope through anxiety. I see a psychologist/counselor for it. Nothing is helping. I'm to the point where I think medication is the only option, but anti-anxiety medication isn't good for long term. I just don't know what to do. Sometimes I lay in bed for hours trying to fall asleep but my anxiety keeps me up. I wasn't able to fall asleep until 6am the other day. I was in bed by midnight.

Hi makeitwork, acting and looking fine doesn't cut it...We can all say that we have been there or still go through what you are experiencing. I'm sorry about you losing your job because of anxiety. I went through the not driving and staying in the house for quite a while. Anxiety is a powerful mind game. People around us not understanding doesn't help and that's why this forum can be a great place to come when you feel that way. There is always something who can lift your spirits and let you know you are not alone.

Everyone on the forum will have a different way in addressing the symptoms of anxiety. Pick and chose what works best for you since medication and therapy doesn't seem to be doing it for you.

Like you, I went through all the trial and error medications, therapy, physical testing, psychologist, psychiatrist and it got me nowhere as well. Try reading about another approach you can use and that is Acceptance of what you have been given in life. There are a lot of books out there, one being Dr.Clare Weekes which will give you a positive approach to getting back in control of your life.

Wishing you well.

Thanks for all the comments guys. I really appreciate all the support.

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