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This time last year I had a terrible experience with a friend that sparked my anxiety to flare off the charts. My friend and I had an argument which ended with her saying I was unstable and crazy. That in and of itself launched my anxiety into full blast and over the past year I have been having the worst time. At the beginning of last school year (I just graduated in June) I started to have moments of weird Deja Vu. Nothing else just deja vu. I read online that some seizures begin with Deja Vu but my mom and my therapist believe it is just my anxiety's way of flaring up. Because usually if I think about the Deja Vu too hard or too much I get a bit of an anxiety attack. It is one of the scariest things. It feels like deja vu but it is only triggered by like, certain things people say. Like if I watch a youtube video and I hear something that sounds slightly familiar, my body goes into full on Deja Vu mode. I can move just fine during the occurrences and my mom says that I literally just look a little freaked out, my eyes dont cross or anything, i dont start jerking around and my speech doesnt falter. I just wonder if this could be some sort of epilepsy? I also wonder if it is actually my anxiety but I have the same feeling of deja vu just as I have been having a little anxiety from talking about it. My anxiety gets quite bad when I think of these types of things, I do not take any medication for my anxiety or really anything actually. I wanted to be able to treat my anxiety naturally. Does anyone else think it could be my anxiety? or epilepsy?

Update: Oh I should also mention I do not have epilepsy nor have i ever had a seizure in my life. My mom thinks its just anxiety cause i have never had a seizure before and that we wouldve probably known by now if i had epilepsy

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Definitely sounds like anxiety to me, and unfortunately I can relate I have a history of epilepsy (15years seizure free!) so I guess I don’t have it anymore ? anyway the last thing ppl remember when having an episode is moments of blackouts Possibly what you mentioned or for some it just happens.

But I think you would need to see a neurologist if your concerned if able he can preform any nessecary tests to rule anything out but I honestly think it is anxiety and

I’ve read it can manifest in really unsettling ways

Please try and relax breathe your going to be okay..

I'm so sorry but i actually do not have epilepsy. I have never had a seizure before in my life (at least not a grand mal) but all of this deja vu business started last year after my friend and i blew up

I understand I guess that argument you had may have stressed you out and triggered your anxiety .

Most likely. thats what the people around me tell me anyways

I agree.

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