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I'm new here, need help! Focused on breathing 24/7, adrenaline surges, insomnia, palpitations, short of breath. has anyone experienced this?

Hello everyone

I have been having some weird and distressing symptoms for the past few months that have been making it difficult for me to function.

It all started with heart palpations that would happen all day and night, I would get them right before falling asleep which would jolt me awake, I also get what feels like adrenaline surging in my chest which again will prevent me from sleeping, it comes in waves.

I am now scared of going to bed as I lay awake all night feeling short of breath and like I cant breathe properly. right as I'm about to fall asleep I feel as if I cant breathe and I am gasping for breath this happens all night until I eventually fall asleep.

I have been to multiple drs, cardiologist, had and echo, holter monitor multiple bloods and everything came back normal.

I am still convinced there is something wrong with me as I only have anxiety because of these symptoms, not anxiety causing these symptoms.

Has anyone else experienced this obsession with breathing? I feel I will never go back to normal. i just want to be normal and beathe normal and not have these surges of panic through my body I constantly cry because I feel so exhausted.

Please help

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I could have written your post.

I have surges all day from my head to my tummy and chest.its awful.

I dont have an obsession with breathing but mine is dizziness/lightheadedness.i feel it all day everyday 24/7.i know how it feels to be where you are now.i live it daily and its a living hell.

Trouble is you get stuck in a habit and a rut and the only one that can break it is you.have you spoken to your doctor about any medication?or therapy?

Always here if you need a chat.you definitely are not alone.


Sounds like you need some support Miss Minnie! You are having some horrid feelings that should not be 24/7. Your doctor should have supplied you with a few valium to bring your anxiety levels down so that you aren't suffering all of the time. What you have as you no doubt know is anxiety, with additional anxiety, stress and possibly panic? Everything you mention is the result of anxiety. Relaxation via mediation CD or download quickly online for £1 to your phone or computer and listen for as long as you can and some of the anxiety will ease a bit. Once it does and you are breathing normally all the other problem will also ease off a bit. That will prove to you that it is anxiety. After that you need to look online for someone like Claire Weekes or DARE which is on Utube and you will begin to understand what is happening and how to begin to help yourself. It will explain why it is happening but now why happens to your personally that caused the problem. Makes little difference if you find out of not as you still have to deal with the problem until you cure it. Cure it? Yes you can.


Thank you so much for your response.

I have had anxiety my whole life but these last three months have been awful just out the blue.

I almost wish it was something physical so it could be treated and i could be okay!

I will try what you said.i do have a claire weeks book and shes amazing.just need to be helping myself a little more and putting it into practise.

Trouble is,when you have such awful symptoms all the time you dont want to do anything x


I know what you both are feeling....I suffer with dizziness all the time, it's awful. Then I find myself taking deep breaths and that makes me feel worse. I am constantly checking my pulse and staying on edge all the time. I've got an appt. with my doctor on Tuesday, so I hope to get some help. I'm always afraid it's going to be bad news. I just want to feel good and be happy.


Bless you.

It sucks doesnt it.it really is a horrible habit to get into.i do exactly the same as you with my pulse too.

My doctor is fantastic and really sympathises but i almost want her to be strict with me and tell me to sort myself out!

Is your doctor understanding or is this the first time you have seen them?


He's my regular doctor and he's been pretty good. I have high blood pressure and he keeps it under control. He may send me to a therapist though because the anxiety seems to be getting worse. I'll just have to wait and see.


I have been dealing with a similar situation. Do you have any thyroid issues? Sounds like hyperthyroidism. See if your doctor will run a thyroid panel.


Sorry i didnt know if you were talking to me or Grace...had a thyroid check at the hospital amongst other things which was all normal.the doctor and other doctors have said its severe anxiety and panic disorder.and im focussing everyday on the symptoms and i need to break the habit.easier said than done.


Have also had a thyrpid checked - all normal


when did this start Gracej22......when was the first attack of this.....I have all of what you have too...


Hello i have had it off and on for about 5 months, mine started from watching my brother go through a lung transplant thats where my anxiety stemmed i think


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