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Mental rituals are getting to me :(


Because of my anxiety I've done a lot of mental rituals in order to keep reassurance. But now its gotten to the point where its interfering every minute of my life. :( I don't know how to get rid of it. I'm not diagnosed with OCD but I heard people with only anxiety can still do these obsessive rituals. How can I help myself with this? Thanks.

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What kind of rituals do you do?x

Constantly repeating in my head "everything will be fine" whenever something triggers my anxiety.

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Marco, don't know how old your are, however saying " everything will be fine" when you feel a physical feeling because of some kind of thought, seems pretty normal and well adjusted actually.

IF you have folks, go talk to them or cousins, or friends. The reassurance you need is from real people. That is what family is for.

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