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Grrrr It's getting the better of me

I'm feeling so lonely and although I've been trying to fight this damn thing for 2 years now it keeps returning and biting me on the bum!!! Anxiety is getting the better of me and I'm not liking it one bit!! :-( I need a new friend maybe someone who is suffering the same so we can help each other........ I'm terrified of everything and I mean everything

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Hi vicky,

There's lot of us on here in the same boat, and plenty of friends to be made.

This anxiety thats getting the better of you...............Anxiety comes from us, from how we think of this world we live in, this causes friction in our minds and makes us anxious.

I've found making best friends with anxiety, is a good way to start, because then we make friends with ourselves, the friction lessons, and we feel better.

If we fight anxiety, we are fighting ourselves, and then it gets stronger. This idea is a difficult one to grasp, but its interesting to note how anxiety disipates when we look at it this way.

wishing you well




Vicky if you lived closer I would have coffee with you and a good ole natter....keep coming on here this has been so good for me, to look at the blogs and blog myself it truly helps,,,the people on here are fab...there's always someone who know something or can empathise with you,,

I suffer with anxiety and like you have planned a trip, mine is this weekend...I have been worried thinking about how I'm going to be and how. I will cope, I'm travelling alone by car ,the journey is 3.5 hrs....I've decided I'm going to have this adventure and deal with it...and so far feel good about it....if I didn't go I would spend the weekend in bed worrying....please try not to worry about your holiday, start thinking about what your taking, what you will do when you get there and those sort of thoughts are more positive...

All good wishes to you, let me know how you go...keep blogging xxx


Thanks for leaving comments :-) its strange cos I wake up every morning thinking positive thoughts but they soon go.... I'm looking forward to my holiday so much but only cost I know there's still 3 weeks to go but on the morning I'm going to be so scared...I don't not want to go cos ill be letting my little boy down and he's been looking forward to it... I'm that scared I emailed the caravan Site to see if they had a hospital near by just incase..... They emailed and said the nearest is 7 miles :-( I think I can cope with that.. I wish I could get over this anxiety so bad I don't even know why I have it... I used to be fine now not scared of anything only spiders now it's almost everything.... Elevators stuck in traffic going to new places even fog gets my heart racing I need help!!!!!


oh vicky i wish we lived near each other............im scared of just about everything and really need a close friend i can confide in. xxxxxxxxx


Just reading your reply would'nt it be wonderful if we all lived nearby to support give advice and help each other conquer these feelings.

Have a good day

Love Seyi xxx


hey Seyi,

i loved reading your reply and thank you.. i have decided to go out tomorrow for a short journey to see how it will make me feel and take it from there.... i know i will get distressed and maybe have a panic attack but i really need to get my life in control now im fed up of it talking over me...

i will reply to you tomorrow and let you know how i get on if you like...

take care xxx


hey Sam,

thank you for your reply...... it made me smile...

maybe we can be web buddies and talk that way? :-)

hope your alright xxx


hi vicky, yes that sounds great we can have a good winge about our fears and hopefully giggle about them after! was alright this morning......until i went to the docs and she reduced me to tears almost, oh well stupid doctor. what a lovely pic, is that your little one? x


Hiya Sam,

I managed to get out a little bit today even though I did just stay in the car but was better than nothing I suppose :-) I need to try more tomorrow just step by step....

Yeah on the picture that's me and my little/big boy lol he's 7 in august and almost stood to my sholders ha I feel small...

I hope your feeling a little better after the doctor uypset you today hun lots of hugs xxxx


Hiya Vicky.

Welcome and thank you for the blog you are not an isolated case although sometimes we feel this way. Everyone on this site is helpful and understanding and can relate to what you are feeling. We all here are trying to cope with the condition of anxiety panic attacks and agoraphobia which can ruin and destroy our lives if we allow it.

I know how you feel about going away on holiday and being close to a hospital because again we feel safe. Its trying to get out of this safe haven and face unfamilar places.

My brother suffered really bad a few years back with servere anxiety and experienced the same as yourself. The wonderful thing is he is totally over it yes totally and this is encouragement for me. I still have the problem and he also talks about breaking out the circle which controls us emotionally and physically. I can relate to you being afraid of everything as we predict something awful may happen like the elevators and stuck in traffic it triggers fear. I am laughing to myself because one day someone will get a nasty shock as i do not lock myself in the loo :)

I sincerely hope that you and your son have a wonderful peaceful holiday and try and dismiss the bad thoughts and concentrate on what a wonderful rest and time you will be having.

Anytime you wish to talk would be a pleasure. Welcome and you will make loads of new friends here.

Take care

Love Seyi xxx


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