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I am indeed grateful for the support I have been receiving from this group. I am recovering daily but does anyone feel their head swaying when it's not supported. It feels like there is a heavy load on my head. It is worse when standing or sitting without support. I am a lecturer and school resumes in August and I don't want to embarrass myself in the presence of my students. Pls any suggestion is welcomed. Much love

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Hi Beamz,

I had that heavy head feeling for a month when my panic was at it's peak. One day it disappeared. I think it was caused by my sensitivity and posture. I've been seeing a chiropractor twice per month as well. I had to work on my posture when using my laptop and phone. Hunching over all the time led to bad posture. You will improve soon!

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Beamz in reply to Titan4757

Thank you Titan I hope so😥

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