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I went to the doctors!


I went to the doctors yesterday for the chest and back pain that followed a bad panic attack 2 days ago. She knew I have past of anxiety and because the pain followed an attack she could tell it wasn’t anything to do with my heart. I also had my sonogram of my heart to back up that it wasn’t my heart causing the pain. She ended up prescribing me with 50mg of Zoloft for now so I don’t deal with the constant anxiety. My doctor also wanted me to start therapy. She wanted me to go to therapy a couple months ago but I put it off because I was nervous about facing my anxiety. I’m nervous about actually going to therapy. I know it’ll help me but I’m still hesitant.

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Hi sydneykieng, I hope you did start on the Zoloft since it takes time for it to reach full efficacy of the dose. 4-6 weeks. Since medication is just a way to break the cycle of fear, know that it is not a cure. Therapy is best done in conjunction with starting meds. Talking about the cause of your constant anxiety will help you get down to the root of the problem. From there, your therapist will help you work on solutions to reduce your stress and anxiety. Good luck in going forward. x

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