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Gastritis and anxiety


Has anyone with anxiety been diagnosed with GERD and gastritis as well? I was diagnosed several years ago with both. I was on Prilosec for a few years then got better so it was discontinued. Fast forward to almost a month ago. After a few very stressful months, my anxiety returned and I out of the blue I started having queasy, bloating, indigestion, and all the gastritis and GERD symptoms return. Especially after eating anything citrus, acidic or rich. My doctor started me back on 20 mg Prilosec but it didn't help much so she increased to 40. I have days where I feel pretty good and am eating normally. Others I feel bloated, have an uneasy feeling in my stomach, burp a lot and go back and forth between feeling hungry and feeling no appetite. My dr told me to stop anything citrus, fatty or rich and if not better in 6 weeks, get another endoscopy done. It scares me because my grandfather died from stomach cancer years ago and my anxiety is amped from that. My dr thinks its from all the stress.

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I’m willing to bet that acid reflux goes hand in hand with anxiety. Lose your fear of the symptoms of anxiety and your digestive problems will disappear too. I was treated for IBS but it was a symptom of anxiety which disappeared when I stopped being bothered by it. The same will apply to all other anxiety symptoms. The less you let them bother you, adopting a “So What? “ attitude , the more you will recover from anxiety.

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