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White stuff in extraction site day 3 today

An update

Today 3:39 am is officially day 3 post extraction

There is some white stuff starting to cover the holes now I think that’s a good thing right?

Still feeling pain from the numbing shots.. (they gave me about 10)

I’ve already lost a pound...😳 from just being on liquid 3 days

I really miss tacos and other foods

Went shopping and mom got me a really fluffy blanket that I love💕

My little brother got me stressed out and that caused a headache so now concerned about delayed healing ?

By the way adult teeth are really long and really hard to pull...😶

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How did he stress you out?

I take it you had some teeth pulled?


Yeah I did actually 4 premolars for ortho treatment... as for the stress my brother came inside our house yelling at our mom about how unfair his life is...he wants to do what he wants problem is he’s 14 😕 and doesn’t want to listen to our parents..


He sounds like a typical 14 year old boy.


Lol He is he’s just really dislikes being told no... by our parents which is bothersome when he starts complaining and yelling for me especially now I’m already sensitive to loud sounds already so this made it worse


You don't like loud stuff at all, not even music?


Music yes loud concerts not really


I had back teeth extraction many moons ago .. I’ve since had to watch my son have the exact same done ( which was worse )

But he’s fine all healed and and lovely teeth ! Do as your advised and things should be fine.


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