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Suffering from constant head pressure/pain


I too have been suffering from constant head pressure for going on a year now. Its driving me crazy and I'm worries it will effect my ability to do my job. I where a ball cap immediately after work and where it all the time except at work. I where a compression wrap around the base of my neck as that helps some while at work. I have had an MRI of my neck, CT scan of my head and Xrays. I have been tp my PCP, ENT, Neurologist, Neuorsurgeon and now I am seeing a headache specialist. I havre been all many types of muscle relaxers which have not helped to date and nerve medications. I'm not on Tazanadine and Lyrica. I've been to physical therapy and have gotten many deep tissue massages all which were of no help. No I am getting an MRI of my head in two weeks and doing physical therapy again but focusing on trigger point therapy. Hoping this helps. I'm at a loss for what to do. I have also cut out caffeine for the most part, switched to a vegetarian diet, bought an at home neck massager and ice packs but again to date nothing has made a dent in the tremendous head pressure, discomfort and pain I'm in constantly. Its all over my head. Only feel better when I'm laying down completely motionless. It has seriously effected my life making it nearly impossible to do physical activity for any length of time and it sparks my anxiety. Now I am looking into anxiety as the potential culprit underlying my condition. I will keep at this and let you all know if I find any remedy. Hang in there.

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Have you been stressed lately? Sleep well?

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