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Health anxiety

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I’m a 19 year old female I have no medical history I have no one in my family that has died suddenly of heart problems or anyone that has any heart problems, I’ve had 7 ecg’s done 3 blood tests and a chest x ray and they all came back fine but I’m still really scared about having a cardiac arrest.. scared to the point where I can’t eat sleep or be in a room on my own

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Hi Courtney1998 and Welcome..

When any form of anxiety takes over living our lives, it's time to reach out for professional help. Something brought on this fear and it needs to be addressed by a therapist. We will support you and comfort you but we also want you to be safe. Not eating or sleeping properly or at all, is not good.

Do you know what may have prompted this obsession with your health?? We are hear to listen any time. xx

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Courtney1998 in reply to Agora1

I have no idea what led to this I have always been anxious, checking my body for lumps always checking my pulse but I don’t know why x

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I understand. I was an anxious young child but didn't think anything of it until I started focusing on my heart as well. Checking my b/p, checking my pulse, worried about every heart beat. I was assured by doctors and many tests that everything was okay.

That cycle of fear and obsession had to be broken. I did that my joining a water aerobics class. (ordered by my doctor) I found that as I moved my muscles and exercised, I realized that my heart was in good shape. After all the heart is a muscle and needs to be used. As you focus your attention on other things in life, it becomes easier to break the old habit of health anxiety.

I did have therapy as well. So that you don't stay stuck in this pattern, I would talk with

a therapist before this becomes any more disabling . xx

I'm 19 and feel same

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