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Pressure between eye and eyebrow

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I have been having this pressure feeling between both my eyes and the eyebrow above them. The skin under my eyebrow sags a bit to where it touches my eyelid. They don’t look swollen at least to me and the doctor wasn’t sure what it was but thought it could be from allergies or because of my sinuses. It’s been bothering me for months because I don’t know what it is and it makes my anxiety even worse. I think it might be from anxiety and stress but I wasn’t sure. I wanted to see if anyone else experienced this before.

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I am not a doctor, but I had a very similar thing. I saw eye doctors who had no idea what it was. Finally saw a dermatologist. He told me to put a few ounces of Whole Milk in a small dish and add ice to make sort of a milk slush. I was then to hold some of this mixture on a paper towel or soft face cloth and hold it against my eyelid three times a day, each time for five minutes or so for each eye. As the face cloth gets warm you add more of the milk/ice mixture to it. It worked!!! As I said, I am not a doctor and you may have a different condition, however this was a harmless and totally effective remedy for my condition.

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It definitely would be worth a try for me thanks for the suggestion. I just want to try anything to get rid of it or at least make it better.

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It also bothered me for months. Hope this helps. Also, I remember now, use cotton balls to hold the ice/milk on the area. At least it does feel good.

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I will definitely give it a try and see how works for me, thanks for the help.

I believe it to be to do with allergy’s as my husband has similar and always suffers this time of year ... he never bats an eye lid, pardon the pun . I’m the one that mentions it , try not to worry and as for pressure in that forehead area it’s stress and tension mine never goes at the moment. But hopefully it will one day .

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I think it is I have been trying these eye drops for allergies and it has been feeling better mostly. But I also though of it being from stress because lately I have been going through a lot of it.

Hi Cbruggemann11 I have been having that same problem as well sometimes my eyeball and surrounding area hurts so bad this morning the bone below my eye was swollen I went to the option because I taught I had bleeding in the back of my eye

and he said it's looks like it's my sinuses and said I could take allergy meds.

I thought it was my vision at first and I went to the eye doctor but he said it wasn’t from vision problems and said maybe dry or strained eyes. And I have been thinking it was something to do with sinuses because I went to the hospital once because I felt dizzy and light headed but I think I was panicking also.

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