Pressure in neck and face

Hello, I just joined to share my symptoms and it would be nice if someone could tell me what can possibly be wrong. I am 21 years old and have a history of anxiety since I was 10. They have been on and off but ever since I started taking zoloft, it improved significantly. I don't know if what I'm going to talk about now is related to my anxiety.

But anyway, almost right after eating I started feeling a little nauseous which seems like its coming from my throat/neck. Then I would open my mouth wide in front of the mirror to see if anything was stuck there. Then I felt a gagging sensation as I opened my mouth wider. Next, my neck and cheeks and jaws start feeling pressured and feels very heavy. I'm also slightly dizzy and lightheaded and feel like I'm going to collapse. So as I worry what this might be and whether if it might be a severe allergy symptom, my heart starts pounding fast and felt like I was going to get a panic attack until my girlfriend relieved me from it. I know that was a panic attack but is my pressure in my neck and face also caused by anxiety? It feels like I just chewed some very hard steak


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  • panic attacks come in all various degrees, so its hard to say if it is anxiety, or possible acid reflux/gerd, as i have that and am on meds for that too. , Which in turns keeps my anxiety level constant. I got SO fed up with all this, i asked for medication for the panic attacks, and at least now, I know to take my meds at the proper times to stop the panic. Ive had this for years, and anxiety can cause SO many symtoms. Also, if you smoke? , try to stop because my Dr told me nicotine and caffeine can cause anxiety too! ...See your Dr. and just as for a prescription for the anxiety, then go from there. its nice to know im not in this alone, and makes me feel better knowing there are others out there going threw it.

  • I am sorry you are suffering with anxiety. It is one of the most complicated of all problems and the hardest to deal with. Panic is heightened form of anxiety where an issue (recognized or not) creates a really deep fear, sometimes of survival. All the meds are great but also digging deep "below" the anxiety there is some fear that wants to be acknowledged with compassion.

  • I have had that sensation for many years!! But I have it ongoing. Yes the pressure in your neck and face is also cause by anxiety, just intensified. It is a defense mechanism like all anxiety from some perceived threat, probably from the past but not remembered.

  • hi heruga,

    I would make a doctors appointment just to rule out anything mechanical i.e. jaw joints etc.

  • How are you doing now?

  • Hey its been a couple days and I have been feeling fine this whole time until now.. I have that same feeling again. Everytime I put something(something particularly big) in my mouth like food, I start to feel gaggy. And today I've been stressed from work but idk if that has anything to do with it since I'm not really feeling anxious or anything.

  • Hello Heruga,

    I am so sorry you are going through this...I can understand your you owe it to yourself to take GOOD care of yourself and go to a doctor so you can truly get to the root of this problem. I have a feeling he will have answers for you that you will find comforting....Sometimes we wait and just hope it will 'go away' then we can forget about it... but I don't think you should rely on that.

    Give yourself a chance to experience the relief that a visit to the dr can bring to you. Best wishes to you, Heruga.

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