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I don't want to be here...I tried hanging it up this week for good


I need help, I am dealing with a very rude neighbor who has several dogs. The dogs bark not a lot but when I hear them I feel so sick! I mean stomach pains, head pains, anxiety, and anger. I don't know how to cope but I need to learn how to. There is no talking to this person, it (He-man)is very stuck up and has made my life hell since I said something. The courts did not help, I am on my own. I don't know how to cope with the noise and I have been sitting around waiting to hear it because I know I will. Help me! I feel like I hate these animals now...I know I do! He-man leaves these dogs in the house for several hours a day, animal control is no help and by now we all know they just don't care unless it's in the news. I am tired of being abused by "animal lovers" who constantly tell you to get over it because dogs bark. I had dogs of my own and I know they bark but everyone else should not have to live with the noise of your dogs. These animals bark at everything, planes, cars, people talking, the wind. It's not fair....I want to swallow all the pills in my house and not deal with this anymore. HELP HELP HELP! One more thing: I am not eating. When I am going through anxiety I will not eat, I have no taste for food. I am weak and losing weight, I am no spring chicken and I don't know what's wrong with me, I am tired. What's wrong with me????? I am just tired and afraid to take meds. I am ashamed to admit this but I tried hanging myself but my loved one caught me. I am tired.

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Look on Amazon and look up anti barking birdhouse. You can put it in your backyard and it detects when dogs bark and emits an ultrasonic noise that dogs can’t stand. My friend had the same problem with his neighbors and he put up one and it shut the dogs up within 2 days.

I will look into that asap. Thank you! I really don't know why they have noise ordinances when they don't enforce them when there is someone suffering. My child is autistic and the barking will disturb him..sometimes. It drives me mad...

My son too. I know how you feel.

The poor dogs are suffering as much as you are, and I bet that you feel bad for them because you understand how they feel living over there. Trapped, have nobody to take care of them right, NO ONE IS LISTENING TO THEM. NO BODY cares about them. YOU GET IT. You understand and your heart breaks for them and you.

Call this number right now


Tell them everything you told us. They will listen to you. They will understand

and you will have someone who gets it.

Be brave, for your sake...............you are a sensitive one, and deserve to be heard.

Thank you! I did find the texting Crisis Text Line 741741, I couldn't call because I was a mess and they probably wouldn't have understood me. It did help, I do feel for those dogs because they deserve better. This person feels like they're treated well because they're in the house in crates. The other neighbors complained about them being left in the garage in the winter and summer. Never are they taken for walks or even out...to a park or anything. This person works long hours and those poor things are used for comfort when this monster is lonely I guess. I have been suffering from noise sensitivities for some years now and I don't know how to reign this in without meds.

over-stimulation to noise is a symptom of anxiety.

We want to "control" everything and have our life in "order" and noise is not in our control. Accept that you feel the way you do, for now.

WHAT IF, you channeled your energy ( tomorrow ) to finding an animal rescue group in your town and just alerting them to the situation next door.

You can also call the zoning office of your town on Monday or go to the Administrative office of your town and meet the zoning person to tell them about the poor dogs and give them the address.

The zoning office can help you work though how to get some help & peace for the poor dogs, whereby getting you the peace and quite you desire.

Facebook usually has rescue groups by type of dog or by neighborhood. Not that they can rescue the dogs now, however they may have resources available to them, you don't know about.

Our authority over our self, starts to come back when we take ACTION, for the good of another soul.

You didn't mention the police? Don't know where you live, but every city has ordinances about things like this? Don't know how he can stand it either? I'm sure he needs to sleep too? Have you tried earplugs?

Noise like that bothers me too. I have a neighbor in an attached duplex that listens to loud bass music from early in the morning until late in the evening. He knows the noise ordinance is only for 10 pm to 7 am. It literally makes me crazy. When I'm just sitting in the living room, I invested in noise cancelling headphones to wear and I keep fans going, even the bathroom exhaust fans, so I have white noise at all times that helps block some of the sounds. Luckily he's moving at the end of the month and I pray the next neighbor is more considerate.

Don't be afraid to keep contacting police and animal control. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, you know. Also, the ultra sonic devices someone else mentioned work well. I used one years ago for our dog who loved to bark at anything that moved. It stopped her barking almost immediately.

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