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Heart anxiety- fast heart rate-echocardiogram


This past week has been crazy with my heart and anxiety. So May 30th I all of a sudden started having a really fast heart rate (went up to 186)...went to instacare and had an ekg and they determined nothing to be wrong. But my heart rate stayed high. Next day was graduation and had a high heart rate the entire day and night. Day after that had another bout of high heart rate (possible panic attack?) and had the ambulance come. They did an EKG and nothing was found wrong. Went to the cardiologist that day and heart rate was so high they ordered another EKG...nothing wrong on there too. Got sent home with a holter monitor and scheduled an echocardiogram. The echocardiogram is tomorrow and now I am terrified. I'm very hyperaware of my heart at the moment and it won't stop. I feel like I'm 12 again and having severe panic attacks that are just messing with my mind. I've been so convinced there's been something wrong with my heart and now I don't know if I've just had a bad relapse with my panic disorder. I'm just so stressed and worried for the echo tomorrow.

ALSO possible trigger for me??: on the day all of this started I had a therapy appointment and there was a code blue while I was there. While I didn't feel anxious about it could that have been a possible subconscious trigger if all of this is just panic.

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How did everything turn out?

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