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Slow heart rate, headache and anxiety


Yesterday morning about 10am I felt funny like I couldn't breathe enough I got up I felt like my legs were weirdly light and I started panicking and drove myself into having a anxiety attack so I calmed myself down by drinking ice water and taking deep breaths I still felt like I wasn't getting enough air so I assumed my iron was low so I took my meds for that and continued drinking water and I felt better. But what's scaring me now is my heart rate has been low all day and night and now as I'm typing, it's been in the 50's and as low as 47 while sitting down or lying down and I'm nervous that my heart is gonna stop beating! It goes up to the 80's & 90's when I'm up moving around but as soon as I sat down it goes right back to 55,54,53,52,51,50,49,48,&47 and I'm scared but I must say I do feel fine I'm not in any pain I'm breathing just fine all I have is a slight headache since yesterday that's it. Can anyone help me?!

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My heart rate runs with in the same range of numbers that you have written, during the same activities. I'm hoping it means that my heart is within the normal range. There is a fluctuation of heart rate between activity and rest.

I'm at the emergency room right now.. I will give you an update!

Okay, please do. I'd love to know what they say about the heart rate. I hope you feel better soon!

Please let everyone know

How are things going?

They took blood and checked my vitals and did an ekg everything looked great cent I had low potassium levels

They gave my potassium supplements

Hi Destinyweathers, my daughter takes potassium supplements but when she can't handle the taste of the powder mix, the doctors recommended V8 vegetable juice. It has high amounts of potassium. I hope you are feeling better, it's like magic for my daughter . Stay well.

Thank you ! I did have a hard time swallowing those huge pills so they told me I can break them down but it was even worse with water! I'm definitely going to get v8 I love those...

Destinyweathers, the pills are difficult to swallow but they do have potassium powder that the doctor can order that you mix with juice. Don't trade V8 in place of your potassium unless your doctor says it's okay. x

Also eat bananas because they have a bunch of potassium. I'm glad everything is okay.

Thank you I do feel alot better I've been eating cantaloupes I hate bananas I try to eat one and they kept making me gag alot

hi dried apricots and dried prunes as well.

I haven't tried apricots before I'll have to get some of those on the other hand I love prunes lol thank you!! This helps alot

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