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Fast heart rate

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Anyone else get a fast heart rate of about 140 when just doing normal stuff, even sitting down randomly? It scares me and makes my throat feel weird, it’s so scary I keep thinking I’ll have a. Heart attack

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Yep. I have SVT, which is a kind of tachycardia. My heart rate is high just sitting. Higher just walking across the room. Worth a trip to the doctor though just to make sure it’s nothing sinister.

I’ve had lost of tests before

Hello :-)

That is quite a fast heart rate , I think they like it to be 100 or less

Maybe just don't take it all the time as depending what you are doing it can fluctuate but also as said talk to your Doctor and make sure everything is ok :-) x

Hi! Yep me everyday! I have GAD and panic disorder and My heart rate can go as high as 170 at the doctors or somewhere that I’m really anxious. Daily sometimes it can go really high when im just sitting. Had so many checks and it’s all anxiety. It’s awful but if you have been checked and it’s anxiety then it’s harmless and deep breathing and distraction is amazing.

This has helped me most, I’ve had checks and I was looking through my health files and they noticed my heart went as high as 160 and as low as 38 and they weren’t concerned

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Hi Minnie87 and anxietymadman123, I hope you don't mind me asking buy how do u feel when your heart rate goes that high?I'm having problems with high heart rate, I'm almost scared to move.

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Sure! My heart rate went up to 170 today and fluctuated between 120 and that for hours. Went to a and e, lots of tests and all anxiety yet again.When I have it I feel vile. Full of adrenaline. Can’t move, can’t eat. I get myself in such a state.

Ye same as Minnie I feel like dizzy, snd just can’t move

It’s the absolute worst!

Hello, yes I have had a fast heart rate. Turned out I have Atrial Fibrillation (afib). It is not caused by anxiety and is difficult to control. I would go to the Emergency Room and have it checked out. It took quit a while to get it under control. But finally with the right meds I'm doing fine.

This scared me I might have this now I’ve been tested in past when heart went to 200 said anxiety

Sounds like you have had lots of tests and they would have picked up afib by now


Do you feel you have a healthy well balanced diet ? Eating your greens etc. To get the the nutrients you need to help your body manage. Also do you drink a minimum of 2 pints of water a day. I have palpitations from time to time & I'm now thinking it may be a vitamin deficiency. Usually when it happens I’m in bed so no need to worry, but on one occasion I was in a supermarket at the till. Fortunately my car was close by so I could go and sit down once through the till.

I’m starting to eat healthy now I normally eat really unhealthy

I have had that issue and have been put on propranolol er to help regulate my heart rate. Hated that feeling of fast heart rate. Felt like I was going to have a heart attack.

That didn’t that kinda scared me

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