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Panick attack

The majority of the time I get panick attacks at work but yesterday I was at home sitting outside and all of a sudden my heart starts racing I felt like I couldn't catch a breath. I felt dizzy and numb. I was so close to going to hospital but had to tell myself it would pass. I took some lorezapam and felt better in awhile. Has anyone experienced panick attacks out of the blue and had similar symptoms?

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I have def had several episodes where out of no where I start to have a panic attack. Until recently I had them and my anxiety under control. It’s scary when you feel fine then all of a sudden it comes on. I take 1/4 Xanax 1mg if needed but thankfully I can control most. I usually try to distract myself or use the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Hope you get feeling better and remember that we can beat this!


Thank you. What's the breathing technique you mentioned?


Yes they can take u by surprise they are the worst ones


Yes! I have had panic attacks come out of seemingly nowhere, and they have been just as you just described. I used to get all worked up after that would happen, thinking that something was seriously wrong with me (couldn’t just be anxiety 😉). Sometimes I do find myself trying to go down that same familiar though. It has gotten easier as time has progressed to breathe through it and remind myself that it’s just an adrenaline rush that will pass.

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