Obsessive thoughts panick attack

I am just calming from a huge anxiety attack I was having obsessive thoughts and I just started shaking couldn't even be around my daughter I just was so scared and cried. I feel like my obsessive thoughts increase my anxiety. I feel like I need to medication now, but I am scared to get worse. But right now I am suffering a lot. With this thoughts. Any advice


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  • Sfqueen, I'm sorry you had a bad anxiety attack but am glad that you are now starting to calm down. I know how scary they can be. Did you know that crying helps release some of the adrenaline gone wild? Depending how severe and how often you get this way make warrant you being put on medication just for a while. I would ask your doctor what he may recommend to give you a little respite for a while. Since meds aren't the total answer, you may need therapy while on medication to learn how to control these obsessive thoughts. I wish you well. x

  • Hi again, since you are awake, are you doing okay now?

  • I am a little better now thoughts have calm down is really hard because they are of my 6 year old daughter but I am glad o been staying with my moms for the last 3 months so it helps . I just panick everytime I get them.

  • It is best then that you tell your doctor and let him make the decision as to what direction to go. It must be extremely distressing for you and again I'm sorry you are going through this. x

  • Thank you so much for your reply and concern. I hope I can be happy again with my Daugherty and life

  • Sfqueen, I will be on tomorrow morning and into the late evening should you need additional support from myself or the group. Everyone is very understanding and caring. I hope you are settled down for the evening now.

    Goodnight, Agora1 x

  • Thank you good night

  • I have been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks for nearly a year. My best advice is to be patient and most importantly learn to believe an anxiety attack cannot hurt you physically. Your obsessive thoughts are the cause, so that's what you need to work on. If the thoughts slow down so will the attacks. I was feeling at a total loss a couple of months ago thinking I'd never get better.. but now I'm doing so well. I had hypnotherapy and for me that worked better than CBT or anything else I tried.

    Hoping you feel better

  • Omg that seems intense how was your experience?

  • A year ago I had no idea anxiety and panic attacks could cause so much suffering. After months of daily panic attacks I realised I had to try anything. Hypnotherapy was the key for me, I still can't believe it worked and now I'm doing a huge amount better.

  • Can what you are thinking about the problem can it be solved mine can not I can not sleep

  • i am so fearful of medical check up and results. I am yet to recover from the Fear. I am so scared that i will get some major illness like cancer. my mammogram showed all normal but the result showed two tiny cysts on both sides which are benign. The doctor said that usually we need to do these mammogram and pap smear once in two years but now i have to go next year and all these thoughts cause me anxiety and i feel so down. i also did my pap smear and the doctor said if the results are normal they will send me a letter otherwise they will call me. my heart starts thumping each time my hp rings. i feel this terrible fearful feeling in my chest all the time, feel that i am unable to lift my spirits. cant take the negative thoughts off. i just keep praying and consoling my self. Feel so sorry for all in the same boat. God please have mercy on us!

  • Sweetheart I have been there. What helped me was antidepressants also Claire Weekes books. ( have a look on Amazon) She explains them as tired thought in a depleted anxious person. I was frightened to be with my children. Please get help go and see your Gp>

  • I am going to go see her on the 17th I just feel so anxious I know I am not going to hurt my daughter but the thought is driving me crazy like how about if I do something I keep asking myself. Did the medication help with your thoughts?

  • Most definitely helped, to be honest I think I would have committed suicide if I had not been given anti depressant s. However these thoughts are so awful that if the thought s are so abhorrent to you you will never act on them I was told that at the time. You won't see that yet but in time you will. I have four grandchildren and I was terrified they might come back again when the first one was born . I am fine as you will be sweetheart ,don't fight them just relax and let them pass. The more you fight the more you panic. You really need an appt before 17th, see if you can get emergency one. Let me know how you get on. Whilst you are like this you see no end to it. However I am proof you can and will.

    I cannot even believe I am saying this to you, because 30 years ago when I was in the depth of all this . I could never see me recovering. You will be stronger because of it. I have cancer and got through the chemo and rad s. After open to remove part of my boon and several nodes. Send you my love. Stand and look at yourself in the mirror and swear at yourself. Come out with words that would normally be alien to you. Lose your rag with that other person in the mirror. I would never wish depression on the devil himself xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi yesterday I had to see my regular doctor because I couldn't deal with my anxiety and my thoughts. Didn't tell him too much about my thoughts be cause he is a medicine doctor but anyways he gave me Lorazepam but just so I can get some rest he said not to take them unless I feel like I can't control my anxiety. He also started me on sertraline antidepressant he is said it will take 4 weeks to feel the deference one tablet 59mg a day. Hope this helps too my appt on the 17th 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Today I feel better I hope I don't get those thoughts I am with my little one all day.

  • Hi Sfqueen, I'm glad you saw your doctor yesterday and he was able to give you something to take to calm your thoughts. Hopefully the antidepressant will help stabilize you. I know that the 17th can't come soon enough for you. Meanwhile, we are here to support you. xx

  • Thank you so much. What kind of medication were you given?

  • Don't want to frighten you but as doctor said use Lorazepam (Ativan) when you desperately need them. They are highly addictive, taken as a first aid measure fine. The antidepressants wil help but take time and you see doc on 17th. Hang on to that . Perhaps you could get counselling too. It has helped me. Was denied contact with my two grandchildren for two years after my son had bitter divorce. My heart was broken ,see them now and again after long court battle , . They are 6 and 8 two beautiful little girls.Had counselling helped a lot.

    Much love One day at a timexxxxxx.

  • He did tell me about that so he told only to take them whe I am desperate but since I been fighting between my anxiety and thought for the last two days felt like I need to rest. But I will start tonight on the antidepressant til I see the therapist 🙏🏽it's so hard to get seen our here there's a waiting list

  • Sfqueen, you've taken the first step. Don't feel bad about having to reach for some comfort right now. You need it. xx

  • I am trying really hard I hate feeling like I am going hurt someone . Today they very light I just tell myself I won't do that

  • Thank you so much it makes me feel better a lot of people are against medication but honestly I feel like I need them now I need my life back.. Did your thoughts ever go away?

  • yes they did.... Occasionally I may get a little blip, have learned not to fight them but to pass through them. If you were diabetic you wouldn't say I am not taking insulin, think of it like that. Depression and anxiety are an illness just the same.

  • You been so helpful thank you

  • I fought taking medication for years, medication is not a bad thing.. I feel that medications can also help as you find ways to cope.. Even low doses of certain meds can help..

  • Thank you so much. I am hope I can share my story one day when I am recovered

  • I was exactly where u were months ago. Exactly. And i was just as afraid and wondered if id ever recover. I have been slowly... But i promise you will get better. Fear is a bitch. And that is what our anxiety feeds on. Know yourself, how much you love her. Remember who you are everytime a thought crosses your mind, it is just ocd. But not who you really are. The thoughts will fade you will see. Take every day as a stepping stone.

  • Thanks for all the support. Means a lot to me. It's nice to know someone overcame it or in the process 🙏🏽

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