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Sleep paralysis with electric charge in head

Ive been reading a lot of different post from people saying they have experienced this. Some say they feel it all over their body, but I only feel it in my brain. Its very scary and its happened to me 4 times now. Some even say its an out of body experience, I have no idea what it is, and id love someone to tell me what it is and how to avoid it because im starting to have insomnia due to fear of it happening again. Basically this is what happens. I fall asleep and go into a very deep slumber, as if Iam severly exhausted. Then this funny feeling comes over my body and the sensasion stops at my head, I then get trapped in sleep paralysis, cant move speak etc and it then feels like a ball of electricity the size of a golfball starts buzzing almost as if on top of my brain under my skull. It feels very volitile and unpredictable and then it starts moving around the surface of my brain to other areas. Its almost like someone is shooting a lazerbeam at my head in different places. The last one happened today from a nap around 4pm this time was a bit difderent because I was lucid dreaming and got up off the couch I was sleeping on and went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror to check the buzzing sensation, I then went into my roomates bedroom and told them this buzzing feeling is in my head and if they could help me. At this point it had gone to my eyebrow area from the back of my head. The dream then went into a part where I surendered to the paralysis and it turned into quite a strange storybook adventure almost like a video game but it felt like the electrical charge was controling my progress. I dont know...this all probably sounds nuts but im seriously tripping out on why this is happening. I had two episodes of sleep paralysis when i was 17, then nothing upuntill now age 38 and this electric sleep paralysis has happened 4 times in the last year. Anyone have experience with this?

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