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Am I getting better or are just the meds working

I've felt more stable the last few weeks. I'm taking Alprazolam, so that would be a "duh" for most people, but I feel like I'm also getting more stable. I'm not even taking such a high dosage, just 1 mg three times a week. I know I will have to stop taking it soon because the recommended time period for this kind of treatment is two months and it's soon going to be two months. I'm petrified I'm going to go back to feeling like shit once I'm out of the medication.

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Hi mayanina, glad to hear that alprolazam is working for you. If it's making you feel better, why would they only prescribe it for 2 months? Alprazolam is a generic name Xanax, and I know people who have taken it for years. They can reduce the dosage all the way down to .125 mg (1/4 mg) as needed for anxiety. My goodness, there are so many people who are are tons of meds and if just a little bit of Xanax is helping you, I would really express that to your Dr. and try to impress upon him/her how important it is to you that you be allowed to remain on it. Even if they lower the dosage, it's better than suffering with the effects of anxiety. Good luck! I truly hope you're successful at getting your message across to your Dr. just how much of a change that Xanax (Alprazolam) has made in your life.


thank you for your reply!

they told me alprazolam is only indicated for short-term treatment because of the dependency that it causes, but gladly I have a good relationship with my doctor so I might be able to extend the treatment a little bit! my goal is still to get off the meds soon, but not THAT soon

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Xanax is really bad for you, as far as I’m concerned. It’s highly addictive and can cause too much dependency. Especially since your body starts to gain a tolerance towards the affect of xanax, it might be harder and harder to go about the amount you’re taking rn normally. You will have to increase it later on, and that can impact your health and anxiety much more negatively. Xanax is a powerful drug, try and be cautious with it.


Becoming addicted to Xanax is definitely a risk if you are taking it on a scheduled basis (which may be necessary to get your anxiety under control initially.) I'm not a proponent of taking any kind of meds when they aren't needed and I definitely understand the risk if becoming addicted. I probably should have explained a little further than I did. I too, have been prescribed pretty strong dose of valium (10 mg 2X/day), and I've had the same amount prescribed for many years. The only difference is, I only take them as needed. I can go weeks without taking even one pill. In fact, a 90 day supply can last up to 9 or more months, depending on my anxiety level and frequency of panic attacks. I hope that clears up any misunderstanding. By all means, if you can find a healthier alternative to settle your anxiety and not rely on the Xanax, I believe that's always the best approach. I wish all the best in you endeavor to conquer your anxiety!


Very much agreed, the risks aren't worth it.


I say, if the Xanax helps you to live comfortably in your own skin. Then by all means take them.


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