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Switching cymbalta to Effexor? Add on low dose abilify? Really struggling here


Hi, last year I was put on cymbalta (After celexa stopped working) for anxiety and ibs. It worked really well. After 6 months I came off it, to see if I could and if my skills I had learned would suffice to deal with remaining anxiety.

First couple of weeks were great. Then some thyroid med issues and anxiety/ panic. Tried Prozac. Didn’t work. Lexapro made me cry. Back on cymbalta and it doesn’t work anymore. Does anyone know if it would make sense to switch to Effexor? It’s the same class but cymbalta did work before. Or has anyone added abilify? Low dose? It is used for people who struggle with the standard ad’s as an add on. The linger this is taking the harder it’s getting. More darker days, intrusive thoughts etc. and I have everything to live for. A wonderful family and friends etc. it’s so hard.

Thx people

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I’m wondering same thing to try abilify for severe anxiety. Did it help?

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Ability did help but for me the most beneficial has been adding lamictal, a bipolar med that’s very helpful with anxiety as well

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I’ve been on so many meds and nothing has helped my anxiety. I’ve never tried this class of drug so hopefully it will help

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Lots of people get really good results. It is used as an add-on to a regular anti depressant. Good luck! It works pretty quickly too btw

Gonna see dr next week. Hopefully it will help. The anxiety is horrible

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