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nocturnal panic attack?

Two times a week I’m having this sensation that wakes me up from sleep with chest tightness, racing heart beat, shortness of breath, yawning for breath, burning sensation in esophagus, feels something coming from the troath, soft chest pain, coughing. that a adernal surge/panic attack occurs because I think I’m going to have a heart attack. I have a hiatus hernia(suffer a lot from acid reflux) condition and mild health anxiety and non stop allergic rhinitis(nose congestion all the time mostly)which maybe effect the breath? and now I’m start thinking I suffer from sleeping apnea. Last month I had some blood tests which results perfect but I’m still not 100% conviced. I’m 21 (good weight, no serious life conditions) and I think I’m still a bit young to develope something serious but Im still a afraid of something wrong. Do you have any explenation or some help please what it can be? Thanks.

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Hi have you been to the doctors


Not yet


Explain to your doctor how you feel


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