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feeling scared from chest pains, panic attacks


hi! i’m a 24 year old female currently suffering from chest pains for the past three months. i have had a bunch of tests done and they believe it is costochondritis, which is not a super serious condition, just something that can be very uncomfortable and annoying. even though my doctor has told me this must be what is causing my pain, and nothing bad showed up in my x-rays or MRI, i’m still constantly afraid that i have some hidden heart virus and i’m going to suddenly die. i know it’s not realistic because if it was serious it probably would’ve killed me by now, but the fact that the pain is in my chest scares the crap out of me and makes me think i’m on the brink of a heart attack.

i’ve had anxiety all my life and i’m already taking anti anxiety medication and an anti depressant but i was wondering if anyone had any advice on dealing with chronic pain and anxiety. how can i help myself get through the day and convince myself that this won’t last forever?

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Hey sorry you are having these anxious moments! I don’t know what to say besides it could be very much anxiety keeping anxiety in business.

I wish I could go back to my anxious 24 year old self to remind her to use wise mind. You have had testing done and you are young. Its highly unlikely you will have a heart attack. Try and focus energy on finding ways to reduce anxiety...find an exercise you enjoy...and persist. It can get better :)

Arumzd...I work in healthcare. There is no way a doctor is going to send a 24 year old with chest pain home without some serious work up to rule out anything sinister. Your age is working to your benefit in this case. Not to mention, your age should reassure you enough that it's not a heart attack. Cardiac virus would make you extremely ill - you wouldn't feel well enough to post on a forum. I'd believe the costochindritis diagnosis if I were you and put this issue to rest in your mind. BTW anxiety can cause chest pain (I've had it and agree it's not fun)

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Thank you for the advice and insight! I know I should trust the doctors because obviously they know best, but sometimes my anxiety takes over my logic. And yes I have noticed that when I get more anxious and panic that the chest pain gets even worse so it definitely plays a factor in this.

Hey- have you had your B12 levels tested?

Low B12 caused severe (and I mean severe!) anxiety for me, and chest pain over my heart so painful I thought I was going to have a heart attack at any moment. I’m on b12 shots now- rarely get the chest pain and also rarely get anxiety🙂

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Interesting, no I have not been tested for that. I will mention it to my doctor when I see her next, thanks!

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Please do. Unfortunately many doctors know very little about it (most have only had half a lecture on it in med school) so it would be good to try and learn what you can before presenting it.

Here’s more information -


Wow this is the most comprehensive list of symptoms on B12 def I've ever seen! Thanks for the link! My doc tested me immediately when I had all my symptoms, including B12, and every single friggin test was normal 😑 So glad to hear your issues were resolved with the shots! 😊

What does your chest pains feel like? I think I might have Costochondritis

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It doesn't feel like acid reflux or a burning sensation, my pain is more achey and strained. Its generally just really uncomfortable and feels like someone is stepping on my chest and pressing on my sternum and ribs. And when I actually press on my chest it feels very tender. I'm not sure if that is what it feels like for everyone but hope this helps and that you feel better soon!

Hi! I battle some of these exact same thoughts and fears. I have found that the B-12 helps (1,000 mg taken on odd days of the month). Also, I listen to uplifting music. I also spend time walking outside, listening to birds and squirrels (not my music at that point) and letting the sunshine fall on my face. I do pray. Others meditate. And, I self talk alot! When those thoughts pop into my head, I remind myself "This is not a heart attack." "You are not sick" "You will not die." Oh-last thought...I intentionally 'deep breathe' during those times of anxiety. Maybe some of those ideas will help :)

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