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6 days on Fluoxetine for anxiety

Hello, I have been taking fluoxetine for my anxiety for 6 days now just taken my 7th tablet so tomorrow will be my 7th day.

The first few days was rough, I don't really remember much from them, day 4 got easier but These last two days I've felt fine in the morning a little anxious but nothing too extreme and I've been very tired (not sleeping apart from about 2 hours) but as soon as it hits 3pm, I get panic attack after panic attack and my anxiety is through the roof, my stomach start making noises and I got this awful lump in my throat and every time I yawn I feel like I need to gag?

I am just wondering if anyone else had side effects like this or is it just my anxiety?

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I am on week 3 of 20mg. The first 2 weeks were pretty rough. I actually developed heartburn that was very intense, bloating, nausea, and was in a constant panic. I did end up in the ER one night for chest pains. My tests and labs came back perfect. It was all anxiety related. I am now feeling so much better. Start up effects can be pretty intense. I now have Xanax as a rescue. I was taking up to 1 mg throughout the day when at the worst. Now I take .25 at night and haven’t had a panic attack in a week. It may get worse before it gets better, but it will level out. You can contact me and ask any questions if you need reassurance.

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