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Is this a seizure?

Hey guys, I just joined this group and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this sounds like seizures? Over the past few months I have had periods of time where I'll look at something like a picture of a video on youtube and I'll get an intense feeling of Deja Vu. I looked it up and apparently Deja Vu is a sign of Seizures? It rarely just happen randomly like while talking to people like if we are having a convo that sounds like one weve had before, itll also happen when I go on youtube and look at a video, or like a TV show or going on facebook. I'm wondering if its my anxiety acting up and making something happen in my brain that makes my body go "OH my god its Deja Vu! Which means a Seizure!" It goes away quickly after I tell myself its just anxiety but its still scary, note I havent been diagnosed with epilepsy but if this sounds like seizures it would be great if someone could give me advice of whats happening. Thanks in advance!

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Have had 2 seizures in about 6 years. Doesn't sound like anything like mine. I was talking evidently, and then I wasn't and fell to floor with seizure. Don't know what happened when I finally come to in a bed in the hospital. Had to be told I had a seizures had motions and a fall and no mental awareness. Didn't know or remember anything about it. No epilepsy or seizure disorder was found. Maybe you should get checked out about your situation.


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