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GAD and depression

Hi, my name is Morgan. I am 21 yrs old and I have been dealing with general anxiety distorder and depression for many years now. I also suffer from depersonalization disorder. For many years I told myself that I would get better, and at times I do but my depression always comes back. And it’s severe. I also deal with severe anxiety on a daily basis. I can’t even hold a relationship because I’m so insecure with myself over these issues. It’s to the point where I just want to give up on everything. I dropped out of college at 19 and still haven’t went back because I have no self confidence. I feel like I will never get better.

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Hi I can definitely relate. I've felt with GAD on and off my whole life. I was properly diagnosed at 15 and I'm now 20 taking classes online. It's definitely hard at times. I feel that the depression comes from the anxiety as the anxiety has kept me from doing everything even the simplest daily task.

I hope you're doing well


I can relate. Thank you for your response. I hope you’re doing well also


I promise it will get better. And worse. And then better. And then worse, and then better!. I’m almost 40 and can’t remember a time when I didn’t deal with anxiety. There are a couple of things I have learned. Anxiety is not something that will ever be gone but it is something that will stabilize. It won’t always feel like you are at the bottom of it and you won’t always feel like you’re at the top but along the way you will find a happy medium.

Because of all of the dark days when the bright ones come along I am so grateful that I feel joy in a way that I don’t think everyone else necessarily does.

I have always felt bad about myself because I feel I haven’t achieved what others expected. I am the only one in my family who didn’t finish uni. (There are 5 Kids). I’m not a millionaire, I haven’t invented anything (unless you count my kids).

But, I have learned that in a really hard to understand way anxiety is a gift. I am hyper vigilant and on alert which sucks. But because i’m Always paying attention I notice details that others miss and I always seem to know when someone needs help or is sad. I’m always worried which sucks but because i’m Imagining every possible thing that can go wrong I have become amazing at planning and am almost always prepared which makes me a really stable and helpful person to be around. Everyone is different I know but I am certain there are similar examples in your life.

Anxiety sucks. But part of that is that we’re constantly being told that it does. I’ve learned to stop wishing tnwould go away and started trying to make it work for me.

Don’t suffer, get help, but never be ashamed or beat yourself up. The world needs you and your special abilities.

Hang in there. It will get better.


Thank you so much for the response. This has helped me a lot. You have explained the way I’ve started to feel when it comes to dealing with anxiety. You seem very wise about the condition. I am so glad to know you have found peace within it. I hope all is well.


For what it’s worth i’m In one of the ‘its worse’ stages now. And yes it’s hard but the fact that I know for sure that it won’t last forever makes it more bearable. Its all just a journey right? x


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