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Positive post for anyone who wants assurance that it gets better

I will start with saying, it does get better!!

I haven’t suffered for long but the time I did suffer was hell and I know some of you will agree with me ..

but I just wanna say that it does get better and easier.. I don’t see many posts on here that are positive so I’m just putting this here for anyone who wants to read it.

To start with I had no idea what to do or where to start, I went to the doctor I was given antidepressants to treat my anxiety but thinking of taking them made it worse so I didn’t take them, I changed my diet, no alcohol, stopped smoking, no coffee, less sugar. I started talking to a couple close friends and my boyfriend. I downloaded an app called headspace and started meditating. I kept peppermint mints on me and every time I got anxious I just had a mint and for some reason it helped most the time. I was talking to a councillor online but it got too expensive. And I just wanna say that it doesn’t happen over night, it takes time, and effort. It didn’t take me long at all to go down hill but it’s taken a while to build myself back up, I’m not where I wanna be but I’m deffinetly closer than I was a few months ago. Just don’t give up, it will happen for you but you have to make it happen and you can do that. I wish everyone the best!!

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