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After 6 months of being sick and injured I still have no diagnosis or no plan of action. Everything that's being done is all driven by me. It's insane.

My GI has dismissed me aware of the following conditions and no plan of action to fix it.

- Delayed Gastric Emptying

- Spontenous Reflux of Carnia

- Intestinal motility dysfunction

Dr. Kulkor (PCP): Result, Spontenous Reflux of Carnia. Dismissed, Anxiety.

Dr. Cambell (GI): Dismissed, no plan of action.

Dr. Patel (PCP): Dismissed, Anxiety.

Dr. Connors (GI): Result, Delayed Gastric Emptying. Dismissed, no plan of action.

Dr. Carselli (ENDO): Dismissed, no plan of action.

Dr. Stirba (ID): Dismissed, no plan of action.

Dr. Deutch (PCP): No plan of action.

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Hummmmm. Privacy is important in the forum, so don't answer if you don't want to. But where in the world do you live that you saw so many doctors and no plan of action? And over what period of time?

Are you anywhere near a medical school where the professors also do clinical hours? That has always been my best bet on getting some results.

I don't even know what half of the diagnosis you wrote are, so I'm not much help, except for the suggestion of a medical school physician.

Best wishes for finding the answers you need. The "no plan of action" puzzles me....did you get ANY advice from ANY of these doctors.....maybe even about diet?

Check and see if there is a forum on HU that addresses GI issues. Anxiety support I can give, but you sound like you are asking for help from someone with the GI issues you have.


South Eastern Connecticut. Don't live here.

I'm near Yale and Boston; all of those places are saying I need to see a GI... And that's very frustrating. I think this is completely beyond diet, these symptoms are debilitating and are reoccur after strenuous activity, not food or diet. I've tried them all.


You feel this badly and can do strenuous activity? Man, you are Soooo out of my neighborhood.

Have any of the doctors suggested your body is not meant to do strenuous exercise? What is your definition of "strenuous exercise" A marathon run or being a starting linebacker in the NFL?

I am just trying to show you how much useful information is not in your post, that a sports medicine doctor could be asking you questions for an hour. That is out of my league. ( How do you feel if you don't do strenuous exercise? )

But makes me optimistic that you may not be sharing all the info the right doctor needs.

Why aren't you pushing to see a GI at the medical schools? Is just not available? Or what? You are so close to Yale (New Haven) and Harvard (Boston) Medical Schools than the rest of the country!

So take a deep breath, relax and think strategy.

George Washington biographies credit him with saying "If you can survive, you'll win. ":

Frustration is one thing. Survival is another. So floor your mental Ferrari out of park into at least 6 gear.

Personally, I would get my wind back, drop whatever activity that triggers pain, and plan strategy to be evaluated by a medical school GI specialist/team, sports management specialist, pain management specialist and health anxiety psychiatrist.

(I don't see if any upper or lower GI exams have been done AND I don't see any evaluation by psychiatrist that specializes in health anxiety....or an evaluation by a sports medicine/pain management specialist...you're situation made need some or all)

If I hadn't finally found a psychiatrist who was educated in military PTSD insomnia and the horrible bloody nightmares when I did sleep, you would have been scraping me off the floor several years ago. Everyone else just wanted me to take pills or "shake it off." This doctor also believed my pain was real; got me into a pain management program that doesn't push opioids.

And yeah, having to be the driver of the Ferrari instead of you being driven to where and what you have to do is no picnic.

Been there, done that. But do what you have to do. I'm not going anywhere....not always on the internet everyday, but I'm here and so are many others.

There is an answer. You just haven't found yet. OK?

We are not doctors but have seen our share, and some of the available alternatives on the cutting edge of healthcare. We are here to give anxiety support to you and just listen at times if you just need to scream.

Write often.


I can't do stenuous activities. I can't do normal activities without being thrown into shock.


That's all you have to say after all that running mouth of mine? Not being able to do normal activities was never mentioned. You only mentioned strenuous exercise. Well, by tomorrow morning I may be able to get my foot out of my mouth. But do you understand you have to be more assertive and start planning how to see those doctors? And you can do it.

If I was able to do it, you are going to be able to, I promise....is there ANYONE you can call to help you to do this? I mean ANYONE?


Nope. the list just keeps growing.


Hey I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had a horrible time health wise these past ~5 months. I was in and out of the ER, seen by many doctors, was told it was IBS, anxiety, all in my head. I knew there was something seriously wrong with me. I had to demand to see new doctors and surgeons. They finally listened in the end. 3 surgeries later I am sorted out, for now at least.

Feel free to message me if you’re having a rough time dealing with this. I understand more than most.


Thank you for replying. Thank you so so much!


What was your problem?


Dave, take zunali's offer to private (personal) message. If you're not certain how to write a PM that only goes to zunali, hit your username at the top of the page. Zunali may not want to discuss on the full venue, and only privately with you on PM. Please ask your last question that way. OK?


Dave, you there? Have you PM zunali? Out of all the thousands of members of this venue, it is a miracle zunali received your post and then gave you permission to talk with you privately.

Your guardian angel was watching out for you today.


I’ve posted about what happened on this forum. I had cholecystitis and appendicitis but the appendix was ignored for months.



I'm signing off for the night. Hope you decide to PM zunali.


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