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What sort of help is out there to help combat Social phobia and anxiety?

I have had difficulties with social anxiety and awkwardness for years as a result of being bullied and singled out for being ugly/different etc. This has lead me to have a bit of a social phobia.

I used to be a very outgoing and funny girl but have lost that over the years as a result of negative social experiences.and just wondered if anyone has had treatment that has helped with this?



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Hi Em,

I'm a fellow social phobe and generalised anxiety sufferer.

There's lots of different treatment options that work differently for lots of different people.

I've learnt through experience, and applying a little logic, that we ourselves are the only ones truly capable of banishing our anxiety. Unless we were to imply we were remote-controlled robots!

That being said, I know how patronising it is to be told its all in your head- none of us want anxiety! We'd all overcome it if we could.

I just wanted to put that across because I think that no one sufferer should be lead down a set path and should instead go on their own venture of discovery and self-exploration.

It is undeniable that medication helps me, where talking therapies do not; but you could be the complete opposite!

I definitely advise that you have an open discussion with your doctor to see what is available to you, and I wish you the best of luck in getting better and finding the new, more confident you.



Btw you should definitely define "ugly/different"... Ugly and different to whom? The bullies who you so long to be like and compare yourself to?

Realise that beauty is within, and anybody who stops at the face will never be worthy of your time or focus in life.

Only you can tell yourself you're ugly, I've not seen you, but I can promise you that you're not.


Beautifully said

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Very beautifully said, thankyou Ben. I'm starting to overcome that side of things and have began on a bit of a journey of self discovery as I always used to spend way too much time worrying about other people's opinions especially when it came to my appearance.

Thing is now that I have started on that journey I kind of feel that whilst I was spending all that time worrying about the outside I wasn't fully forming the inside and therefore feel like I don't really have that much to offer.

I am quite a socially awkward person and feel that I don't have much to offer in the way of conversation and humor (meeting new people is a nightmare). I would like to get back to that once outgoing, chatterbox I once was!

Thankyou for your advice, you are very right we are the only ones that can free ourselves of these anxieties at the end of the day.




Yes I agree as well & beauty does come from within & no one is worthy of you unless they can see that



Thanks WhyWhy :)



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