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Propranolol & me

So I was having bad heart palpitations, was constantly conscious of my heart beat and was struggling to cope had 2 ECG and old tests as well as 4 doctors apps checking blood pressure etc all was fine each time and I stopped smoking , and try to be healthier now but the problem persisted. Now my heart feels a bit more relaxed but I was having troubles breathing... Like I could not get enough breath and it caused me to panic a lot and focus too much on my breathing. I had a bad panic attack and started hyperventilating and had tingling extremities. Went to the doctor as breathing problems persisted and they suggested I have anxiety which I had been considering and prescribed propranolol 40 mg once a day.i tried one yesterday and have taken one this morning before breakfast. I am worried about the effects it will have as my chest feels rather strange and also how do I know if I even have anxiety? There does not seem to be @ trigger apart from me worrying about my own health? Is this possible cause of anxiety? I am so confused and wish I knew what was going on. What will propranolol do to me?

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I understand your confusion and frustration. I had similar reasons to be given the same medication, but I am on 80mg per day, as I also have migraines form time to time. The Dr never really explained to me what this medication is used for, but seems many different thing. I have learnt that it is a beta-blocker, good for anxiety, blood pressure, heart problems & even migraines too. My old Doctor in Australia told me that 80 mg is a bit high for me everyday however the Dr here tells me it is an average dose for migraine & anxiety sufferers. You can read a bit more about this here if you like, but it is nothing to worry about from what I have experienced.


I have been on the 80mg a day dosage each day since mid 2016.

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Hello thanks for your reply! My main concern is that after another day I still am not getting ING enough breath no matter what it's really worrying me I don't know ow what to do :(


Hi I too was exactly the same. Panic attacks were becoming daily. After 4 ECGs, a blood test and my heart checked by 3 different Drs I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder. I am now on propanolol and it had made a huge difference. I've had no more panic attacks. It took a few days for it to really take effect. Yes I have a few side effects (I plan on talking with the Dr about this) Anyway I just wanted to say it took me a week after being prescribed it to actually bite the bullet and try it. Good luck and I hope you'll be able to give it a good go. Obviously it won't be for everyone mind. Good luck ☺

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Propranolol does wonders for me I take 40mg 3 times a day. It won’t take away any other symptoms Of anxiety except the racing heart So you will have to find other ways of dealing with breathlessness. Sometimes just telling yourself this is anxiety it will pass. or taking your mind of it like doing something like housework or something can focus your mind elsewhere and then regulate your breathing.


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