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What do you do to ease your anxiety and to think rationally?

Hello lovelies, I was wondering if you have any tips on how I can begin to be a lot calmer and think straight and be more positive about my life and circumstances. I've realised that my anxiety so excessive and I want it to subside. What do you do? Pls share any great tips that have worked for you, thanks.

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You cram a lot in there. Being calmer is my holy grail too. Wish I could never panic again. And, the panic stops straight thinking anyway. So with both going on it’s tough to feel positive.

Try listing the good things about you. Anything. Like, I make a mean sandwich. I know a lot of history. I can choose nice clothes when I’m on song. And, how about thinking I’m lucky I know I’ve got issues here. You’re clever. You’ve realised you’ve got these issues. You’ve identified them. You’re half way to getting a strategy to thinking straight. Good luck.


Thank you very lovely! 😊


First stop thinking about how you feeling...socialise more and avoid being alone at all times because thats when the thoughts creep in😊Get out there and enjoy life!!!


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