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If you have health anxiety, what are your worries? Please share x


I'm a sufferer of health anxiety and believe I have severe heart problems, a stomach ulcer, and an enlarged artery in my stomach. What's yours?

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I think so many that have health anxiety have had worries over their hearts along with numerous other things

Over the years I have had all sorts in my mind as that is where it is in my mind , from stomach cancer , to BT , heart , you name it my head has said I have had it or got it , & when you are thinking this way you are convinced & it feels so real

It is anxiety & the more we fear the more we feed the anxiety & it goes round in a circle

It is about changing our way of thinking , its not easy , but keep talking on here , lots of people will relate to you & you will not feel alone feeling this way anymore & it will get better :)





Hi ash,

This is recent for me and I get palpitations which made me think I had heart disease, have a heart attack or my heart would stop. I still worry over this as I have weird sensations and I think oh is this my heart. I have all the heart tests seen a cardiologist and he says Iam healthy and even though my mum has angina and had a heart attack Iam not at risk. Every test was normal and bloods were all good. I then though I have an anusyem in my stomach, now possibly Breast cancer and I think now Iam getting dizzy and neck/ head aches that it's a brain prob. Like why hey though that's where it is. How are u coping with yours? Xxx


I have muscle twitches and pain mainly in my legs but also elsewhere. I am convinced I have motor neuron disease, but all the docs say no. Have not Gita diagnosis


hi ashbash, the mind is a strange thing, if you have anxious (negative thoughts ) it feeds through to your mind causing it to think of more negative thoughts why why is right positive thoughts to counteract the negative ones , I think its called the courtroom, where your positives are called the defence , negative ones are the prosecution, I know it all sounds very confusing but is used a lot in C. B T. best wishes.xx

Hi thanks for the replies I appreciate it. I'm new to this forum and think its brilliant. I went to the doctors today with my symptoms of stomach pain, burning sensation in my stomach, every meal I eat causes a very strong pulsating sensation in my stomach which is also visible, lethargic, tired, weightloss, general unwell feeling, high pulse rate, short of breath, bowel movement changes, nausea, and severe and crippling anxiety and panic attacks, hot flushes, dizziness, low blood pressure. The doctor has referred me to the bowel clinic, done a physical examination of my backside lol, ordered blood and stool samples and ordered a stomach scan. She prescribed me diazepam which I requested for a PRN basis and omeprazel for now which do sort of help but will have to wait for a month for full effect. I'm suspecting h pylori bacteria infection and a possible stomach ulcer which antibiotics will be prescribed. If this comes back nothing sinister I promise myself I will stop this health anxiety. The fact my stomach issues have been this severe it has stopped my worry of the heart which I much prefer a worry of my stomach than heart I suppose. Newton6848 I have been referred for cbt I'm waiting for an appointment and your right its all how you think. Loopyl214 I have exactly the same thing I get all sorts of weird crazy sensations like my hearts turning over, dropping in my body, severe palpitations, increased pulse, thudding feeling and odd random one off thuds too. I had ecgs numerous times in a n e and also a 24 hour e c g which came back fine I just could not accept it which how physical my heart symptoms where I ended up constantly checking my pulse and all sorts of strange obsessive things I'd do to check my heart it absolutely ruins your life and dictates everything you do down to how fast you walk to wether you will sleep or shower or even go to the toilet simple things like this can be affected by worry of the heart. I cope by reading books, playing silly games to occupy my mind, I sit and plait my hair or think of strange things like counting sheep just to try and pre occupy my mind. You know what recently it got to a point where I wanted to end my life because I just could not cope any more no one would help me but now the doctors doing something instead of saying I'm mentally deranged has give me hope. All I can say is that we pay national insurance so demand to have every check done because you have the right to. Thanks guys. It's a little long winded my reply but ov had no one who is going through this to talk to and I needed to just get this out thanks xxxx

Gothi in reply to Ashbash25

Feeling same dear. Any way try to get distracted though it is hard to practice. it's the only way out it seems.

All the best and take care!

I've got sore legs, I am sure it's MS but doctor said no. It's all anxiety. Also when I am feeling cold, my muscles don't like it one bit. Keep warm and I am fine


Hey ash, your worries and what u did over ur heart is totally the same as me. What dose of omeprazole did he give u? I told the cardiologist about my stomach he said he would be worried if it didn't pulsate lol. I can also see mine and feel it but if I get my bf to feel it he can't it's because we are in tune with it. I have got ibs now due to my anxiety and sounds like u maybe having the same thing. I work in endoscopy and see hpylori a lot and thing sometimes with my pain mine also maybe that. When Iam back at work I will ask a consultant to test me xxx

The test came back with h pylori just what I suspected but the ultrasound I'm presuming showed nothing as I asked the scan guy if anything was abnormal and he said no I've been prescribed antibiotics had a bad reaction to them so now on the amoxicillin and metronidazole which I'm still too scared to take :/ thanks for the support xxx

I had it all, i started with lung cancer (lack of breath) brain cancer, eye problem( pupil different size), now i think i am around 16

Weeks pregnant

With no posittive pregnancy test, and even an iud inserted a month ago.

So exhausted of

Having all these feelings ;(

Hi I also suffer from anxiety I always feel bloated do to anxiety I guess and always feel like im going to faint get shortness of breath i panic and make it worst it's keeping me home in my room all the time since I'm always scared when I go out I no longer working because my anxiety are terrible like if imma have a heart attack at work

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