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What specifically has YOUR anxiety stopped you from doing?

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I'm curious how anxiety ( specifically GAD) affects people in their daily lives. Ever since I became more open with mine I find so many people telling me they have terrible anxiety.. then next week I see on facebook they are on a flight to vegas... I know everyone has different forms and ranges of anxiety but when I see people claiming they have this illness and out doing these things I almost find myself jealous. I may have a more severe case but im not currently medicated and I seen to get on with my daily routine ok. Ever since I was diagnosed about 5 years ago I progressively got better then worse. I can no longer travel, I certainly wouldn't get on a plane, don't like social events ( although haven't been diagnosed with social anxiety) this includes resteraunts and movie theatres. I certainly don't drink caffeine or alcohol. Sugar really affects me. I don't like to stay over night anywhere but home. I don't even like driving in other peoples vehichles.. as you can see its really turned my life upside down especially for only being 27 years old. How has your anxiety affected YOUR life?

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I cant go out, I always feel anxious just looking at the front door but manage to take the kids to school but that makes me really anxious

Living normally!

I got the results of my assessment today my anxiety is 21 out of 21 and depression is 18 out of 27 to my surprise.

I'm perfectly able to go out, planning a holiday in the summer, I can socialise although it is a massive effort to do it I really cba, people don't know so on goes my mask and it's tiring that's why. I have no worry about my own health either.

I have to physically make myself do things even as simple as hoovering. To begin with I couldn't make myself do anything I Sat cold, shaking, scared and worried I was consumed for the first 10-14 days. Total depersonalisation/derealisation going on I wasn't functioning.

It has put a block on relationships with my family members it's like I'm emotionally cut off at the moment for fear of something happening. It's better than it was as I'm working on it.

This has stopped me smiling and being happy at all.

I want to LIVE again not just exist xx

I suffer from health anxiety and last year I went to Australia,before I went I was panicking incase something would happen to me on the plane bit I did it and wouldn't look back,while I was there I had no anxiety at all,I suffer everyday with horrible symptoms but try and ignore them and carry on as normal which I know is hard at times,I've just started back driving my car after a few months of not driving,haven't been to a supermarket yet on my own for months but that's my next task,hope ur ok xx

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Awesome I'm glad to hear that it didn't hold you back from your trip! And even more surprised to hear that you had no anxiety while being there! I am totally okay I just get frustrated at times but I take it day by day

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I had no anxiety because I was relaxed,enjoying myself and didn't have time to think about it,so I try doing the same here,have good days and bad x

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Why do you think you had no anxiety in Australia

I have had GAD for years and I was able to manage it but for the last few years it has been out of control. I don't go much of anywhere except for doctor's appointments. And then there are times when I have a bad attack then I find an excuse not to go. Anxiety has seemed to take control of my life.

Everything except for going to the doctor lol

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Ahh that's really too bad. It's a horrible illness but there are lots the same as you. Hope one day it gets better so you can have your life back

Well it takes me a bit to get up & go outside sometimes because my anxious thoughts get to me. It's like my thoughts are discouraging me from wanting to enjoy myself & be focused like I usually am. I can't be out in crowds by myself all day . I have to have at least 2-3 ppl with me that I trust . Other tha that , my anxiety has mostly gotten better. I have changed my diet , meditate , write , read , & draw. This has calmed me down. But one more thing I forgot to mention is that my anxiety goes nuts during PMS & my cycle , until my cycle comes on , then I have to relax , but I think women in general should relax while on their period because of the obvious lol. Anyways yeah, I handle my anxiety without meds..they did nothing for me & the withdrawals were crazy , I wouldn't wish that on my enemy . It was ridiculous. I took Lorezapam & Diazepam..went on a forum for folks who took those anxiety meds , but wanted to taper ..& they were so comforting & helpful. Anyways , with their assistance & my research & dr support , I tapered , wasn't easy but I did it. I'll say this , when you first know your anxiety is an issue, it will be like your whole attitude changes & who you are is a distant memory but let me say ..do not let anxiety change you , you are the boss ..don't let this thing boss you around ..take the lead & kick anxiety to the damn curb . I'm learning to now do that & take the lead on this thing .

I made a typo .. :/ I meant to say *other than that .. Sorry :/ lol anyways dnt let anxiety run you .

My anxiety is terrible, I have days where I rush to take my kids to school and then straight back home. I do my food shop online or send the other half. I've just started going to the local shop in a morning when I no its not busy and I can get my things and go. I last went to the cinema about a year and a half ago, it was the worst, I couldn't stop fidgeting, I felt I couldn't breathe I needed to get out, hated every minute. I hate travelling, even in a car.i prefer to walk. I have trouble sleeping, I don't really do much at all apart from things in the house. I don't like being on my own or going places alone.i am trying to socialise abit more, but little by little

It's so hard

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Yes it is hard. I've dealt with all these issues too and still am. I am confident it will bet better though.

I have anxiety with crowds and busy places - for example I would never go shopping at the weekend as it would make me really upset and angry.

I also leave the house early to get the early bus to work as it is not too busy and I hate being late for work so I always get there an hour early just in case something happens!

I also have a fear of flying - I never used to be so bad and I only ever got nervous when the plane was taking off and landing, but on route home from Florida 2 years ago, the plane hit turbulence (it wasn't that bad in reality as the seatbelt sign was not put on and the flight attendants were still serving drinks) but in my head I thought I was going to die! Sweat was pouring off me and I started crying! The poor lady sat next to me was trying to calm me down by saying "oh it's ok, if the plane were to crash there are plenty of people to bounce off" this did not help me at all! :)

I also would never go to a concert and stand in a large crowd of people - that would make me panic so much but I am attending a course on how to break the cycle of anxiety and eventually I hope to quell my anxious feelings soon! :)

That sounds great. I could certainly never attend a concert either. Even the noise would be too stimulating never mind all the people .. Yikes. Hope the course helps I'll be attending some group sessions soon myself.

Unfortunately, the same as yours.

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Sucks doesn't it? It makes earning a living damn near impossible. The list of physical symptoms I feel daily would be a mile long. I just take it one day at a time.

That's the problem, the list is a mile long. No doctor wants to hear that.

The last time I went to the doctor, I brought my list of about 10 things I

wanted addressed. I could see her give "that look" when I gave it to her.

How much can they possibly accomplish in a 15 min. visit while they are

on the computer. The outcome was "well you look good". I cried walking

out the building. I'll never feel reassured. I just know you feel the same.

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Literally same thing happened to me a month ago!! I went in with a list. My main concern was the vertigo.. She actually giggled a bit and then was like .. So what would you like me to do? Ummmmm... I said "well can we at least do some testing to ease my mind even if you think I'm healthy?? " she said it wasn't necessary .. I cried later on .. No one understands

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Agora1 in reply to tdawgg123

OMG I can't believe, my doctor's words were the same. I too, asked

for some blood tests at least. Not necessary. A specialist once told me that he didn't like patients who ask for tests. How can we not be anxious? I with you on this one all the way.

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Anything like here and it comes down to money and how much it costs! They don't understand as they aren't experiencing but that's really rude and very highly unproffessional to giggle. Is there no way either of you can change drs? Xx

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It was. It made me feel pretty embarrassed. My previous doctor retired and she was the only one accepting new patients at the time. I enjoyed her the few times I saw her for prescription refills etc but when it comes to anxiety she definetaly isn't the right doctor for me

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It's so sad when that happens. In my drs you make an appt to see any of them. If you want a specific Dr then you usually have to wait about 10 days for an appt. I made my first appt for this practically begged for it to be that day and got one.The gp I was supposed to see isn't the most sympathetic at all so I wasn't really looking forward to it but happy I had one. I got a call on my way to the appt and as luck would have it they'd had a cancellation for that evening with the best Dr I could ask for (15 mins instead of 5). hes treated my son for a few years now so he knows what I'm like. He knows I would usually take whatever's thrown in my stride and get on with it. So to sit a shaking crying mess in front of him he KNEW I needed help and this wasn't 'me'. I was so relieved to see him I imagine the opposite for you when yours retired. All it takes is some listening from them sometimes but many its all time pressure, money and targets. What ever happened to drs being there foranything and you could go talk to them. Now they are so pushed for time it's madness xx

It sounds so silly but I can't stand going in to the supermarket. I also can't stand travelling or going anywhere that my phone has no signal. Worst of all it has stopped me doing to college to study my degree!

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Kainan_li in reply to Jodi3

Hi Jodi. me too. anxiety has literally made me put my college education on hold. year after year I struggle to get up and go to class and I have to take medical leave again and again. But I'm starting to ease back into it this year, hope you can do it too

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Thanks Kainan, we can do this!!!

Hi. I'm a lot like you. I can't stand being on planes or attending social events. I don't even go out that much, only to get groceries and to the gym, where I know I don't have to talk to anyone. I feel so tense around people and it's so hard to talk. It really stinks. I wish it wasn't this way, but the anxiety is just there :(

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Sorry to hear that. Be thankful you have the strength to go to the gym and are able to get your groceries cause lots of anxious people can't! I am okay to run my own errands and go to appointments etc too I will feel anxious but I can do it. I never used to be socially anxious I'm not really sure where it has come from but I spend most of my evenings at home alone :(

I cannot drive a car anymore, if I am forced to it takes me ages to pluck up bother courage and by the time I have to go my whole body is in spasms, somehow it easeseems a little when I'm actually driving but it is a severe conscious effort of "you're almost there "

Thank you for sharing this..it makes me feel like I’m not the only one who feels envious when I see others being able to travel even when they have anxiety.

I can no longer watch movies in a theatre w/o feeling anxious,I’ve totally stopped my intake of caffeine (used to love coffee😭),I even dread the thought of hanging out with my friends (more comfortable at home/the area around my neighbourhood),taking the train makes me nervous like crazy )..used to be okay with travelling but after my anxiety got worse,idk if I can do it anymore.

We’re pretty close in terms of age (I’m turning 25 this year) and I can relate to what you said about it turning your life around.

I don't think my anxiety has really stopped me from doing anything. I work, hang out with friends, spend time with my kids etc.

It stops me from living in the moment. It holds me back from really enjoying myself. It makes me look like a jerk at times when I'm with company because I'm focusing on my breath or wondering why my reflexes are hyperreflexive or why I feel weak and off balance.

Basically, I'm constantly questioning if I'm really healthy or if the doctors just aren't seeing something yet. So in that respect, anxiety has held me back from being present in the moments of life I used to enjoy.

But that won't stop me. I try to remember that I woke up today-that in itself is a blessing. Regardless if I'm really sick, or just healthy and anxious, I have no other choice but to do my best to enjoy the time I have. It's really all any of us can do.

I can relate deeply.. I have been isolated a lot of my upbringing, and some periods of being completely housebound.

I stopped caring for the diagnosis, took care more of my health (medication, cutting out caffeine, soda, eating better, exercising). Still struggle with getting out.

It is an daily, small steps journey. The ways its personally affected me, is from forming friendships, from pursuing my dream career. I will not say, it stopped me, but is an obstacle to overcome.

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