So can anyone relate? I am so paranoid like to the point I think people are poisoning me... even people close to me like my Mom or Hubby. It's freaking me out. I know it's all in my head but I still panic just thinking about it. And the sirens where I live are just too much, the sirens trigger my anxiety and now that I'm home again, I hear them all day. I can't take it. I live in the inner city.


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  • I get the same way matter a fact I feel like everybody is out to do me something I wake up everyday thinking something bad is gonna happen today

  • Yes that's how I've been feeling lately too.

  • I can relate to the paranoia. And where I live at all I hear are sirens because I live like 3 blocks away from the police station and fire department. Everytime I hear them I try to just block it out. One time I almost had a panic attack when a fire truck came right beside freaked me out!!

  • Wooow. It has to be anxiety then. I was starting think something else

  • I’ve definitely had this before. I would throw my food or drink away because unless I’ve had my eyes on it the whole time , I think someone did something to it . It’s like these ridiculous intrusive thoughts . But I kinda have a more happy outlook on things now . I shrug off those thoughts .

  • I do it all the time, especially when I'm out. If I turn my head for a second and someone walks by at that moment then bye bye food or drink smh. Very annoying

  • Well I say trust that your loved ones WON’T do that to you. Believe that. Then let go of the negative thoughts

  • It won’t be easy doing that. I still have my moments but overall I’m not as paranoid as before . At all

  • The noise of the sirens is something I can relate to. Any loud noises cause instant panic and racing heart and I often won't calm down for many hours. We have low flying jets fly over once or twice a month, on training practice. We've got used to it but a couple of weeks ago, one flew so low the noise was terrifying - even my husband was panicked, thinking it was surely going to crash as it went on for so long (he even reported it to the low flying complaints dept!) I didn't calm down for the next couple of days!

  • Wow that sounds scary to live near low flying jets. I can't imagine! I don't know what it is about loud noises.

  • I discovered this site because I was diagnosed with ocd, but its looking to be a lot more than that. I want to help you not get to the point I'm at...I never thought anything of it and no one could convince otherwise but for the last 3 yrs or so I was convinced that my husband, family, members or friends were putting things in my makeup, lotion, shampoo to the point i stopped wearing makep and hiding my stuff. Everyone was out to get me, my husband was cheating on me even though hes crippled. I just gets worse, get help now before you get as bad as me, its turned into unwanted voices, thoughts, panic attacks, feeling unreal and scared of my mind all day, i cant control my own thoughts to save my life. Get help now!! I wish you luck and take care :)

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