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Propranolol question

Hi all

Hope your all well.

I was given propranolol to take for anxiety as and when needed. Iv had it in my bag for about 8 months but im to scared to take it. Silly being anxious about taking an anxiety med :(

Does anyone else take this and have any advice? Iv googled and read people saying its changed their lives and others saying it doesnt do anything.

Thanks for reading.


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Hi Ali1983.

In general there is no set expectation that any drug will work the same way in different people because each body has a different chemistry.

I am interested to know what has happened in the last 8 months without taking it.

Did you feel better or worse without it?

Did you do something else to change/manage your anxious feelings?



I have not taken it so not sure if i would feel better or worse yet unfortunately.

I havent really done anything to manage it differently i hve just got through the anxious days as best as i can, some days better than others. Recently my anxiety is getting worse and feel i should give myself a break and a helping hand by taking propranolol but just curious on other peoples thoughts or experiences.

Thanks for your reply




I take inderal. I am not a fan of medicines either, they scare me. Inderal only makes me feel better.

When I am afraid to take a med, I take the smallest amount I can at first.

I love this drug .


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