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No anxiety and no medicine in 13 days

I haven't had any anxiety... at all, in 13 days.

I don't want to jynx myself. But I've been to the grocery store... shopping.. to thanksgiving gatherings... etc. I may have had like minor "anxiety dizziness" but honestly it's went away as fast as it came.

I have been weaning off my klonopin since August now I finally stopped taking it 13 days ago. I feel so much more clear headed... I've been sleeping... I can laugh... i can joke around.

I hope this last. 💜

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Elizabeth04, I'm happy for you. Isn't it amazing how clear headed you feel?. That was the first thing I noticed as well when getting off Benzos. You sleep better, laugh, joke around. Life is good again. A great accomplishment in going to the grocery store and to a holiday gathering :)

Don't worry about jinxing yourself.. Anxiety has nothing to do with that. It has to do with you no longer fearing anxiety. You now now that it tends to come and go and if you don't give it the attention it wants, it will float away. Continued success xx

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Thank you. I feel like I've been doing very well. I've had an off and on headache for around 4 or 5 days.. I also feel like I can breathe very well through my nose... but then sometimes I smell this burning smell?.... I know that's weird. Did you ever have That?

I had looked up klonopin awhile back and found that it can mess with your sinuses? Not sure

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Elizabeth04, Getting off the medication was the most important thing. But understand that there will be a process of your brain healing and learning how to make the necessary chemicals naturally. During that time you may experience headaches, different smells, vibrations, zaps...it could be anything but is short lived. It's a sign that you are going forward towards feeling better and being in control once more.

Go with the flow, the hard part is behind you. :) xx


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