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Should i need to consult a psychiatrist?

i have all these symptoms for 6 months. specially the feeling faint and worried all the time. all my medical results went normal (ecg, ultrasound, blood tests).

i also have 2 cousins diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

even i already convinced myself that this is just anxiety, i still cannot stop worrying about my health. Im not sure if this is really because of anxiety or something more serious.. :(

any advise?

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Hi jack14, You took the first important step in seeing your doctor and all the test results came back normal. That's good but your mind won't let you accept that. And that's where the problem arises. Even with the fact that you have 2 cousins diagnosed with anxiety disorder, even though you have convinced yourself that this is just anxiety, you still cannot stop worrying about your health. Better known as Health Anxiety.

It is best to get into talk therapy in order to allow you to express where these fears are coming from. I don't think medication would be necessary at this time since you do realize it's anxiety. It's a matter of being convinced that is what you are dealing with and not some serious medical issue.

Therapy should help you erase those doubts and "what ifs" regarding your health. I wish you well in going forward. Keep the forum updated on your progress.

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thanks agora, should i tell my doctor to get me a therapy?

i don't know what to say..people might think i am crazy because i go to a psychiatrist. :(


jack, it isn't thought of like that anymore. A Psychiatrist is just another Sub-specialty doctor. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. I'm sure you wouldn't think twice about seeing a specialist in the medical field. Labels aren't put on people who seek out help when they need it.

Definitely tell your doctor of your concerns and allow him to give you some input on that. Take care.


ok thank you so much :)

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