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Can’t make up my own decisions without thinking wrong ?

Anyone else think like me ? , I can’t even make up my own decisions without thinking it’s the right choice . I always think “ what if this happens “ or “ if I make the wrong choice “ I overthink everything witch really caused my anxiety as a young child . Anything little can trigger my overthinking . How can I get back to thinking positive, I’m back my breaking point to where I really shake my head and wanting to cry and yell out 😔😔😔

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Hi Brianna.

You have classic symptoms of anxiety. I call them “What if?” thoughts. To recover, change your attitude to “So What!?” and not give those thoughts any respect. They are a by product of anxiety and not real. They only hang about because you believe them to be true and worry about them so they keep coming back.

I’ve just posted a message on here called “Stop doing this to yourself” which might help to explains things in a little more detail. No quick fixes I’m afraid but everyone has it within themselves to recover. That includes you.

Best wishes



Thank you!! I’ll check out the post you wrote. I’m happy someone out their understands and knows !


Probably a lot more people than you realise. It’s very common and a modern day affliction. Not surprising really as it usually begins with poorly managed stress.

Obviously I know nothing about you but in my opinion, social media is an added stress to the younger generation . Peer pressure, pressure to fit in with the crowd, to look good etc etc. It’s all nonsense but understand how people can get drawn in by it all. Just be yourself and learn not to care what anyone else may think. That attitude does eventually come but if it comes sooner, then even better! As the old saying goes, whatever anyone else may think about you, it’s none of your business!


i do this all the time, and sucks, because sometimes i spent half a hour to decide a simple thing. But now i'm learning that sometimes dosen't exist wrong choice, exist just what works for you.

one advise that my psychiatrist gave me is: ask yourself "if this goes wrong, what the worst thing that can happen? i can deal with this? normally i realise that even if i "do the wrong choice" the consequences aren't as bad as i was imagining


But what if they are?????


Huh? Who you replying to ? Lol


😂😂😂 oh silly me!!! Beevee, perhaps? Just saying what if a person’s “what ifs,” are really bad!! Meaning if those things do happen it could be quite devestating. I do realize that regardless if you worry and what if before something happens a person has wasted the present and the future with fretting, but I was just asking, “what if the worst what if does happen?”

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Im like this ALL the time..I can't make decisions...I bounce back and forth back and forth and still can't make up my mind...Im scared whatever I do I will regret it or feel guilty after...even to the most simplest of things..it drives me crazy..I guess I can't see anything positive.. just negative...take small steps and small decisions..slowly build confidence in you and you will eventually get the ball moving..


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