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Feeling low

Hello all! I hope you’re all having a lovely, happy and anxiety free day 🙂

I’m feeling pretty rubbish right now. Due to being poorly since last Thursday and signed off work since last Tuesday, my anxiety has gone through the roof 😞 I’m trying to hide it from everyone because I don’t want them to worry too much. I think my boyfriend has noticed though because he asked me last night how I’m feeling anxiety wise but I just said it’s been fine. It’s the light headedness and weak legs I can’t cope with the most. I don’t feel panicky as such and I don’t really have excessive thoughts of impending doom, yes I have thoughts of worry and what if’s but not to the extreme I used to. I’m also looking for natural remedies to try and help with it but I’m thinking of going back on my antidepressants to help manage it better but I’m unsure.

Any advice?

Thank you! 🙂

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I always used to reply im fine when i was asked how i was but it never fooled anyone. Better to be honest with them and not hide it. Might help just going back on your meds to get you through this rough patch. Not found any natural remedies that worked for me but im sure theres some out there. x


Thank you for the reply sarahjaneR. I just find it hard to open up to them, I always get the same old ‘just get on with it’. They don’t fully understand what it’s like for people like us. I think I’m going to have to go back on them, especially if I’m struggling to cope with it this much at the moment. I will have a good look for remedies 🙂 x

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I know what you mean, it was ages before i told anyone how i was feeling even though they knew i was acting different to the usual me. When i did, at first i got the "youre be ok, its nothing" . Took them a while to see i wasnt coping. Even now although they have been brilliant to me, i dont think they really know what im going through. I get a cuddle when i cry and my sis has been great but i dont think they know just how much ive gone through.x


It’s hard to explain to them how you feel in a way they can understand, they don’t realise how exhausting it can be sometimes. Mental health needs to be talked about and looked into more, it sometimes feels like mental health just gets pushed to the back of the queue for the physical illnesses to be prioritised when we get debilitating physical symptoms with our mental health issues. It’s hard to find the people to talk to who do understand but it’s great when we have people who are there for us such as your sister 🙂 x


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