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feeling low

am at a low don't know how to get back to the person I used to be even phoned the Samaritans this morning needed to talk to some one. was a little helpful but cant shake this anxiety im worried about going back to work been off sick since july am on meds but seem only to help a bit sorry for the downer but this illness is all but consuming who I am don't know what to do for the best any advice please.


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Hi Drews,

Sorry to hear that you are feeling low,but, well done for coming on here :} Is there any body at work that you could talk too,explain how you are feeling? Maybe a friend that you trust could go with you for support.It is scary going back to work after so long away, i was in that same situation. I went with my husband and spoke to my manager about how i was feeling,together we had a plan of action. Alot of employers dont really understand anxiety,so maybe a meeting might help. Failing that, speak with your doctor about how you're feeling returning to work.

There are alot of web sites like 'mindfulness', 'Head space', that can help calm things down abit.

Try and also read up on anxiety,the more we understand how this ugly illness operates the more we can destroy it in its tracks.

I hope that helps,feel free to rant,share your news on here,we are all in the same boat one way or another and we understand each other!:} Hugs xxx


thanks for responding yummimummy is nice of u to take time and give some good advice hugs from drews.


Hi drews

Sorry you are feeling so low

Do you feel the fear of returning back to work might be contributing , as you may not feel ready

I would go back & see my GP , maybe you need more time & they will be able to help you

Let us no how you go on :)





hi whywhy that is exactly what is worrying me the thought of returning to work because I have had so much time away, because I work in construction were supposed be tough but has u can see its not the case with me.


Well I am not a man , but as a woman , I do understand that , is the job description been tough in that industry , but personally , I prefer a man that is sensitive & has feelings & a heart & it makes them more of a man , not I suppose that helps any

Are you sure though that some of these other men that come over all tough are as tough as they seem , or could it be a bravado , as again , men dont speak as openly as how they feel like women do

Can you not take this a day at a time , say for today , I will go , knowing if you really dont cope , you can be signed of sick , but you gave it a go & you never no it might be all ok

You can come on here as well & tell us all about it at the end of the day , knowing you dont have to hold it in all the time , that people will be waiting to talk & understand you & we dont see it as a weakness , but a endearing part of you , that makes you human :)



thanks whywhy for talkin to me but at the moment just the thought of going to work sends me into a blind panic the feeling I just cant shake its got a grip of me and am so confused as to what to do.


Have you any options

Maybe a different kind of job

Do you feel if you took more time of this fear would maybe get worse or do you feel it would help

It could be the fear is not as bad as the reality will be as we do build fear up , which leads to anxiety

Try & stay in the day as much as you can , as thats what we do confuse ourselves

Always about if you want a chat :)



always good to talk to u whywhy u always lift my spirits so glad to have met you lots of love drews big hugs.


Its very frustrating for us......... But everyone here understands...

Sending lots of love



thanks ann64 I have been reading your blogs hope everything turns out ok with your son hugs from drews.


hey drews,

No problem... i have time on my hands for any one that needs help:}}

The fact that your a man and that you are in construction should not matter,as why why says id rather a man that is sensitive and open to his feelings.

I tell you something else as well, most men have a front,because its expected of them,but i bet deep down alot of your colleagues will be impressed that you have the guts to front this horrid illness.

Be strong hunni .... you can do this .... good luck.

let us know how you get on...Hugs xx


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