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Feeling low, AGAIN!

Hello all my anxious friends and fellas.

I am not sure if I have anything to share anything different today, But I have been getting into the anxiety trap again.

When I first visited this website last week, It gave me a new reason to be normal. However my urge to be normal is now being overpowered by my anxiety. I have started to think about my symptoms a lot again. Once in a while I get the thoughts of having a terminal illness, but I am able to shrug it off after a few bothering minutes. I think I might grow weak again and end up getting into the anxiety shit.

Not that I am completly off it, but the amount of relief that I got in the first few weeks of my time on this wesbite, is now going down. Like my battery needs to be recharged.....

I am not sure if anyone can get me that amoount of normalcy again.

Just speaking my mind fellas

Anyone who can relate to this....Be my guest


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Speaking from the general standpoint of being "normal" my entire life till recently I understand exactly what you mean, like the point in your life when you didn't even know what having chronic anxiety even felt like,

After I found this website I also began to feel a lot better, comfortable, and assured that I'd be fine as long as I try to think positively and not live in my head,

It did work for a while, and sometimes still does when I think to this site during an anxiety attack, but overall I feel myself slowly slipping back into patterns while getting better,

I could just be sitting there trying to relax then boom I'm overcome with fear and worrying for no apparent reason, I too think terminal illness sometimes when small things go wrong, and it doesn't help because I'm just feeding negative thoughts,

I hope you feel better bro , The anxious mind can be a dangerous game of illusions


Thanks for speaking it out brother. Hope you are right in the part where I start to feel better. However I hope only, Do nothing to go towards it. I am not sure how to put this across, but all my efforts to live in the moment, have gone straight into the dustbin through the shredder. Man wish I could be any better in making myself believe in something.

But brother, you are something with your words. When I speak to you, I just feel like my rusted witts are being used. Like every convo with you is a rap battle for in a way, Oh and yeah, I do rap and write to take my mind off. If that means anything to you...

Thanks for you input brother


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I know what you mean, you try more to think about being in the moment than actually living in the moment itself,

It's hard but once you tell yourself it's just anxiety and your mind is playing games on you, that's the first step to seeing through the illusions, & I feel you bro, that's what we're all here for, to work together to help each other overcome our mental battles,

I run an independent record label, so I to do music,

Which is the best outlet for dealing with Anxiety, writing out feelings then hearing them back, spreading your message to others,

I do hope that you feel better as well,

I'm currently still up at almost 5 until the sun comes out I'll probably be up

Some of my music


I am in the early stages of learning to be with my emotions. So many of us who have had anxiety want to push that feeling away. I am learning that as long as it is not overwhelming and I don't keep adding fearful thoughts, I can sit with my fear and anxiety. It is not comfortable, anxiety never is but if I allow it to be there and use positive self talk, like " I have felt like this before and it has passed and it will do again." or "There are things I can still choose to do to make my day better." I want to remain mindful though. The change in me lately is about remaining mindful of what I learn, so that I do not go back to old habits, which can be difficult because we are creatures of habit. I hope this helps.


Thank you so much for your reply......

what you said, " I have felt like this before and it has passed and it will do again.", is exactly what I say to myself...

Thank you so much


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This is how we can go some way to self soothing ourselves. Being compassionate with ourselves instead of telling ourselves how weak we are and how nobody wants to know. Actually it's ok to ask for some reassurance at times. It is not a weakness. But most of all it's about finding ways to also soothe ourselves.

Whatever makes sense to you and comforts you is good. :-)

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Thank you for making me feel the way no one has been able to do in a very long time....


Thank you so very much :)


This is called setback , these are the moments which make you feel deep down in this shit but they are not permanent , they are just temporary!!

Remember when you feel you are trapped in your head go out and make out!!

Be with friends do anything which get you out of your head!!

And with each and every setback you will more powerful because after each and every setback you will really realize that whatever you were so worried about those things are so trivial now(After setback, when you are again having normal state of mind)!!

Remember it will come back again but just to teach you more things and to make you more stronger!!!

When normal people say that it is just in your head you just need to get out!!It is not easy!!

But after setback, You will remember this line because whatever you were worried about is now nothing !!

and slowly your whole worry list would be empty one day!!!

But after so many setback and you will be mentally strong, just hold on there!!

They say

"Those things I was not able to achieve yesterday, I can achieve them today because I am one day more stronger today!!"--not exact line but same meaning!!

We are each day stronger dude!!

And that is the journey !!!

Post you have any other doubt!!


Thanks for the input man, It did help a lot.

I guess I read a similar line once,

It goes like this "what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger"

There's a pumpng song by kanye west from the movie Never back down called STRONGER. That's where I heard this i guess.

thanks for all your input guys.



One suggestion do not read too much of inspirational things and try to push yourself to those lines and stories ,

just go slow when you read something inspirational!!

Or do not read too much of inspirational things !!

Read some funny novels or interesting novels or story books!!

Normal people they just dont read always read inspirational things

I know we require inspirational things, but watching good movie or some comedy season would be more helpful than watching some inspirational video!!(You can watch big bang theory with friends that is what I do)

This is personal experience!!

I used to watch inspirational stuff

when I was deep down in anxiety moments but than I changed my shift from inspirational to some creative and normal things , what I used to do when I was normal to feel good and kill my time!!

Watching inspirational make you push your limits and that is not what you need now!!

And even watching movie and season anxiety is there!!

In theatre I have so much problem because of RLS!!

that is why I prefer going out with friends!!

Where I can get out of my mind!!

Like going to beach or just sitting somewhere in group and just killing time that is the most helpful solution for me!!!!

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What you are saying does make sense. Getting too much pumped up will end you doing something crazy and exhausting. And feeling exhausted is the last thing you need to do if you are an anxiety guy.

I so agree to your suggestion and will follow it.



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