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Feeling a bit low today

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Hi guys

Been feeling a tad low last few days as my health anxiety has kicked in big time just fed up of all these symptoms I get and they are anxiety I do find it hard to believe it’s just anxiety

My blood results show my hba1c is raised at 43mmol apparently that’s only slightly raised anything under either 46/48 mmol is under control but I’ve looked t my blood results in 2017 and they were the same and in 2016 they were 37mmol so as u can imagine my head is all over I’ve had plenty of reassurance from ppl on here I’ve got the nurse tomorrow to discuss why my hba1c came back abnormal hopefully all is ok I think I’m ok just convincing my head that I’m ok

So sorry to bother everyone with this I know I’m worried Probably over nothing but it’s that 1% just niggles at me

Nat 😩

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Hello! I never did receive your message on here about this. I am slightly confused by your hba1c though. I am guessing you live in the UK or maybe Australia? I am American and in the US our hba1c lab test is measured in percentages, where anything between 4 and 5.6% is considered normal in a non diabetic person. So I am unfamiliar with your unit of measurement you called "mmol" but you did say that anything under 46mmol is considered under control so wouldn't your level at 43mmol be considered normal? Again I'm not familiar with these measurement but the hba1c test is indicative of how your blood sugar has been running for the last 2-3 months. For instance, in the US if your level came back in the 4% range it means your blood sugar has been averaging in the 60s for the last several weeks. If it came back way elevated at say 12% then your blood sugar has been averaging in the near 300 range (diabetic). Is this the same general consensus with how the test works where you live?

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Natzsteveo in reply to Khuneycu

Hi babes yeh I’m from the uk 🇬🇧 I did message u but yes mine would be classed as normal but my health anxiety always gets the best of me and makes me start thinking about really bad things which I know is ridiculous but can’t shake it... I will be ok when I’ve seen the nurse tomorrow maybe she just want me to change my lifestyle before it gets to full blown type 2 hopefully that’s all

Thanks for replying my lovely nurse friend xx

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Khuneycu in reply to Natzsteveo

I was doing a little Googling and 43mmol is the same as 4.3% on our scale and girl that is a perfect hba1c! Anything under 5.7% is great and NOT diabetic. If it makes you feel better, mine this year came back right at 5% and mine is also considered normal. I promise you have absolutely nothing to worry about. These results vary so greatly. If yours ever came back in the 3 range as you said it did the last two years that's actually rather low so you probably weren't eating enough or eating very well at that time. Again it's an average of how your blood glucose has been running the last 2-3 months so it WILL vary every single time you have it drawn. Yours is completely normal and the other nurse you see tomorrow will tell you that too :) No worries at all.

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Natzsteveo in reply to Khuneycu

Thanks so much my darling I wanna cry 😢 I feel so relieved for you to say that and I also know you know what your talking about thank you I feel lifted now I was eating so poorly I gained weight but I’m on a healthy lifestyle plan called slimming world and I’ve lost half a stone since August but I do need to eat more breakfast and lunch and not skip them and drink more water 💧 because when I’m at work I just rush around and forget to eat and I know that’s not good for me


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Khuneycu in reply to Natzsteveo

You're so welcome! Believe I know how awful that anxiety is dwelling on all the "but what ifs" but you have absolutely nothing to be worrying about. And yes skipping meals and not eating on a regular schedule can mess with your blood sugar levels too! Exercising 30 mins 5 times a week, even if it's just a simple walk after dinner and eating regularly with good whole foods is the best thing you can do and it sounds like you're living a much healthier lifestyle now than you were! You're just fine. I promise!

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megiannis in reply to Natzsteveo

Hi, I too suffer from extreme Health Anxiety as far back as I can remember. I am English but live in Greece. I was reading your posts and really wanted to say that I have taken hundreds of tests... when some come back with either higher or lower levels I know its because my high anxiety level caused this. I go back after a week and retake and the results come out normal... You must always take this into account when having tests they really go out of whack. This fear is paralyzing I know exactly how you feel.

Thanks babes means the world to me

Nat xxx

Take care of your health and we are sure you will get well soon

Stay strong

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Natzsteveo in reply to MarkFL

Thanks mark x

Hi Nat just a reminder that if you don't eat for long periods your body will go into starvation mode and in a desperate attempt to hang onto calories will lower your metabolism making it very difficult to lose weight. You will also put more weight back on when you go off the plan. This is known as yo-yo dieting

It can also lead to ulcers....... x

Thanks babes I’ll keep that in mind my hubby made me breakfast and just cooked me chicken vegetables and gravy so I’m quite up to eating today thanks for your support cherub

Nat xxxx

You are very welcome my friend x

hi nat lets hope it is nothing nat and that your feeling better soon.

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Natzsteveo in reply to kenster1

Same to you kenny xx

Hi..you will be ok .. I’d whittle just the same .

I’m low today too .. move is imminent and it’s making me panic.. I’ve never been on my own .

Hope you’re feeling easier soon xx

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Natzsteveo in reply to 1973m

Awww I’d be the same pm me honey if you need a chat

Here for you must be very daunting for you starting a fresh all over again xx

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1973m in reply to Natzsteveo

Thank you lovely.. I can only liken the emotions to something like when you grieve.. I’m angry, sad , remorseful.. remembering happier times .. leaving my lovely home and essentially my family but I can’t stay with a man I don’t love ... I could pretend for a bit ..but

I’d just be back to square one in a few months..

I hope you’re ok .. keep strong.. anxiety is just a bluff of our over stressed nerves ..xx

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Natzsteveo in reply to 1973m

My heart really does go out to you it does feel like grief doesn’t it it’s like having to restart your whole life all over again but for you this time...I find it even harder when you try to make things work out but you just can’t as it makes you more unhappy

Nat xx

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