This newsfeed is starting to get more positive

Im loving it! Keep up the positivity and the succees storied no more hewring about how your anxiety is rulig your day siege the day guys!!! OVERCOME THIS FEAR bite it back !! Dont just sit there i wanna hear more success posts!!! LETS GO US LETS GO US LETS GO US!!! Team Healthforum 1 point ANXIETY 0 points!!


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  • Count me in kev

    Team Healthforum 2 points

    Anxiety 0 points

    GO TEAM :)

  • Heck yeah!!! We got this!!! You all got this!!! Keep it coming!!!

  • I drove through a TUNNEL!!! 🙀💪🏻

  • DeeM3, that's an awesome step you took. :) xx

  • Excellent!!! Next time drive over a bridge!! Or what ever fears you more!

  • Are you still on coffee? Swear that one of your cheerleader pom poms shed a stream of paper a few minutes ago. :) Am in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and didn't throw my computer across the room because internet just won't stay up. That counts, doesn't it? And I learned the current username of someone who keeps changing his on this venue. That definitely counts for something. :)

  • Yup!!! Had two cups already and had m and m and teix corn bread too!

    Living large my buddy!

    I have NO CLUE what your refferring to with this water scenario is it real or fake LOL cant ever tlel on a text if people are being sarcastic or actually serioud take it with a grain of salt i guess!

    Not too hyped YET but working my butt off currently!

  • Yep, am in the middle of southern Atlantic Ocean on a ship. Though, not usually in this part of world. And internet can be frustrating as the ship may not have a clear shot at the correct "sky spy" for awhile, and there is no personal internet available ...or it is verrrrrry sloooooow.

    Now, about that bird yesterday, she IS a figment of someone's imagination. But she was fun.

  • But you started the imaginary bird when you ended a reply with "Polly want a cracker" and I respond that she wanted Wild Turkey 101 instead. :)

  • Do you know what Wild Turkey 101 is?

  • A sauce? Or turkey?

  • No,it's a fine bourbon (whiskey) that is over 50 per cent alcohol, so one sips it slowly. Wild Turkey is the brand name, is expensive, and potent. Aged in charcoal burned oak barrels for years before it is bottled.

    Many people in US think a brand of blended whiskey called "Jack Daniels" think they are drinking bourbon, but they are mistaken.

    So that was the intended joke about your "Polly want a cracker" at the end of your post. My response was, no she wanted Wild Turkey 101.

    Then she ended up being a drunk "chick" (female bird) sleeping on the floor.

    I'm from Kentucky that claims it's the state of "fine bourbon, beautiful women and fast horses".

    So I will be careful when I'm using a Southern phrase that you might not know...but would enjoy the joke if I told you what it means in plain American English. And I'll do that.

    Would never intentionally be sarcastic. That's a promise.

  • And, I don't I try to use complete words on my laptop so there's less chance of misunderstanding.

  • The 101 in Wild Turkey 101 denotes the "proof" or amount of alcohol in it. Just like some whiskeys are 80 "proof", etc. "Makers Mark" from a little town called Loretto, KY produces that fine, but less proof, bourbon in a bottle that is sealed with red wax. A limited amount is produced each year.

    So, NY, that's your bourbon lesson for tonight. "White lightning" ("Moonshine") is a lesson for another day...actually edited and illustrated a book about that.:)

  • That's hysterical 😭 oh my goodness ! Haha love it!!!

  • Which part? Are you being "sarcastic"? "Now look hear" (means, pay attention), I am not "pregnant, barefoot and I can read' (Means I'm not stupid hill billy).

  • Haha all of it just the fact i got confused and you gave me this huge essay i love it! You deff helped me be UNCONFUSED ill give you that! And you gave m a good laugh!

  • Wild turkey is nasty!! But so is Jack in my book. I was a morgan girl!

  • Jack and coke was my thing back then! Fire ball SUCKS lol puked my brains out once off that

    Jacks and cokes goes down like a smoothie!

    I once had 7 in one sit down.. drove home like an idiot cause I wasnt feeling anything and so i got home safe (lived around the block basically) and puked my brains out HA world was spinning after i arrived home GO FIGURE! I was PLASTERED!

  • I hate fireball completely disgusting, I stuck to captain and Dr pepper, or a drank bud light but haven't drank in almost 2 months doesn't go with meds!! My fiance drinks Jameson and Dr pepper but haven't tried it.

  • Coors light bud light and blue moon were my goto beers sometimes budweiser too acually hated corona hated heineken too! Tastes like rat piss uh uh

  • You called that a "fire ball"? HUmmm. It's actually a "high ball" you silly Yankee. Just how much Coke was in those drinks? You got 7 down and lived? lol I am laughing hysterically again out loud: here we are, people who have anxiety issues, who probably don't even drink due to our various meds, and we're comparing alcohol! God, humor helps me so much more than any meds, and God doesn't mind me referencing Him at all! He/She has a terrific sense of humor: here I am in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, hundreds of miles from any other ship, talking to NY and Wyoming!

    Thank you both for this, as it's getting late in NY, not so late in Wyoming, but only 7 p.m. here and I am lying flat due to a fractured vertebrae and no MRI is available until we reach Tampa in a week. Thank you for the humor, for real. :)

  • Fricken frack.. sorry about your back (vertabre is back?)

    Any who ummmm its 5pm i dont sleep till 12am then i wake up at 4:50am for work until 2pm then i recycle my day like a damn robot HA namaste ! I drink occasionally VERY RARE though but i can drink due to refusal of meds but i hate it!

  •'s only 5 pm in NY? Do I have the right state? Oh, my,...have been setting 1-3 hours forward and then back ever since we left Barcelona. Right...we are now closer to NY time than away from it. Yeah, and MDs are using vertebrae again in Europe. And so I stop trying to figure it out when we're making the ship to shore phone calls about this

    "thing" that has happened to my back. Needs to be confirmed by MRI before a vertebralplasty (sp?)can be performed to keep it from collapsing. Ships have decent med centers, but don't carry MRI equipment.

  • "Mogan" who? As in "Captain Morgan"? Put your big girl pants on and sip fine bourbon. (Like I actually drink...won't because I take medication.) :)

  • Lol I haven't drank in 2 months because meds so na for me now lol

  • Yeahi havent drank in forever i just feel way too anxious the next day and I hate it so i stopped tbh id rather smoke than drink but im straight edge forever now lol

  • Like 420 friendly?! Lol my crutch is coffee and cigarettes and my meds now lol

  • Coffee and food for me! No drigs no alocohol no meds :)

  • What the heck is 420 friendly?

  • Marijuana friendly 420 is a day pot heads gather and smoke weed 420 signafies WEED lol idk why but it does

  • What? 420? that means a "dope" party? It's legalized in Florida, and we have all sorts of people coming here from other states to get it and opiod from the mills the state keeps shutting down. I am laughing

    Now for serious moment:

    When I practiced workers comp law, I had to explain to dope heads that the law wasn't going to give them any medical care from their accident on the job, because dope stays in your system for days or weeks after it's they screwed up their benefits when they smoked on the weekends. It's an unconstitutional law. But it's the law. People REALLY shouldn't put things in their bodies that they don't fully understand what it does. Really felt badly for that man. He fell off a roof into the hot "tar" pit on the ground. Disfigured terribly.

  • Oh, you have my laughing still, as "straight edge" is a type of code word for a super high performance computer interface cruise liner being built as we speak, but Royal Caribbean will only show simulated films to protect its engineering break through from competing cruise line companies. And people are still already booking it! lol :)

  • Today I cooked a meal that was actually edible. Does that count?

  • It sure does sarahjaneR :) xx

  • Excellent see i wish i could cook edible meals but i never even try LOL my eggs give me stomach issues hahaha

  • Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm lucky if I can plan and produce a good meal on my best days....was single for years so have actually forgotten how to cook. My hat's off to you!

  • Heck ya I have been cooking forever but have days where nothing goes right. But I consider it huge if my kids eat it picky lil boogers!!

  • Im VERY PICKY when it comes to food! I wont return nothig or hurt anyones feelings ill finish it but ummmmm ILL speakon it with myself as i chow down haha

    Ill never skip a meal unless im broke or lasy!

  • I read something yesterday of a lady trying to live a certain lifestyle went to a popular place paid 6$ for a cup of coffee before she knew it the coffee was gone she hadn't even realized she had already drank it she asked herself 6$ and I dk if I even enjoyed it.. started thinking about all the other things in life she was just moving through without enjoying them.. she set a random timer on her phone that went off randomly through the day that just said enjoy.. when it went off no matter where or what she was doing she would look up and enjoy might be a stranger smiling a couple in love the rain on her face but often we move through life hectic and at the end of the day it's a jumble of racing thoughts and not a lot of the small things you just stop and enjoy!

  • Great story love it ! We need to enjoy each moment we have!

  • Absolutely! 😊

  • Whats your goals today!!!

  • I'm going to go volunteer at my church today!

  • Siege the day!!

  • Thats mindfulness from what i know of it x

  • Yes indeed whats your goals today?!

  • I'm definitely going to try to use it in my life, I've spent so long surviving the day not living it or seeing the joy in the small things!

  • Love love love the positivity !

  • What have you been successful in?! Share a story of how your fighting back?!?!

  • I was successful and fighting yesterday , regardless of suffering with bad symptoms even more so at even the thought of going out I went to the theatre yesterday with my mum( I’ve not been out further than the shop for a long time ) an hour drive there , 3 hours there and the hour drive back. Not one tear or fuss about it all, I managed to cope and remain very calm compared to usual and it reminded I can have a life , I will continue to fight and go out the house as I refuse to let my anxiety take control of my life how it has been for so long. I can have a life and I will because I deserve it.

  • So how did you get over not being able to breathe or what ever symptoms you have did you just sit there and take it? Thats nuts lol i cant sit in traffic behind a wheel and just TAKE WHAT IT GIVING ME haha but im super happy you did it with out suffering im proud of you! Keep at it

  • I suffer with dizziness & nausea more than any of the other symptoms. I told myself I can do this I’ve been fine before I can be fine again , I didnt want to let my mum down because she really wanted to go. Just told myself if I feel bad then I will but this can’t go on any longer. I hope I can keep up the positivity and plan to go on another outing even if it’s shopping or something. Thankyou, it was a super proud day and even though I did have the symptoms come at me it still gave me a little confidence

  • Confidence is the strength we need and thats the major thing I lack medications is not gonna give me confidence its a damn band aid in my honest opinion.. its like brushing food under a rug claiming wverythings clean.. but when you remove the rug the problem is still there.. when you remove meds its STILL THERE.. and what if you get no insurance coverage YOUR SCREWED that band aid is RIPPED OFF and your ROYALLY SCREWED because you relied on pills to help you do your daily things that bandaid is gone and SO IS YOUR HOPE

  • That’s exactly why I’ve refused sertraline 4 times as I want to fight the fear , overcome it else I feel I will be either forever on pills or when I’d stop taking them then like you say whatever’s under the rug is still there! I’m glad medications help people but I just feel it’s not the way I want to help myself

  • That is my exact opinion !! Great minds hink alike im so happy for those that have been "healed" from pills but i cant do that to myself.. i cant

  • Totally agree . Whatever works for each person however I’m going to fight this fear and I will win. Slowly but surely I’ll get my life back !

  • Time is our greatest enemy but our best friend too.. patience is a virtue

  • Yes true ! It’s so cool that there’s some positivity on here , personally it gives me a little extra hope and that extra little push that others can be positive even though we’re fighting big battles

  • Yes thats what my aim is to give aomeones dark tunnel some light :)

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