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Woke up out of sleep ????

So last night i was feeling ill . Very weak and of course the shortness of breath . Too a hot bath for a while just to calm myself down . I started to feel better . When i went to bed i jumped up out of my sleep about an hour later literally feeling ill like i was about to die i got up and walked around for a few . I had the shortness of breath and the impending doom feeling . I layed back down still feeling bad and immediately after falling back asleep i jumped back up with the same feeling . I was so scared i seriously thought i was about to die . But i figured if i was going to die i would die in my sleep instead of waking up and dieing lol . But this has really scared me . When i woke up for work i was feeling ok still short of breath and a little worried . But what could this be ? Has this ever happened to anybody else ?

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I'm not sure that I've ever woken up out of my sleep because of anxiety, but I've definitely had it as soon as waking up, like waking up and going straight into a panic attack. especially after taking a nap. I'm not sure why that is. but it's probably just left over anxiety in your body if that makes sense, like you felt it earlier in the day and when you go to sleep maybe those feelings of panic seep back into your mind. hope you feel better

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Its happened to me before. And after lying there for a solid hour freaking out, I finally just said to myself, "well if you are going to die in your sleep then it is obviously your time to go" and after repeating it to myself a few times, I was finally able to drift back to sleep.

I hate that "impending doom" feeling like something terrible is happening or going to happen. :(


It sucks so bad . I hate the feeling that im not going to live much longer or that im slowly dying everyday . I just wish it would stop . It started out of nowhere back in october and hasnt eased up since . Some days are better then others but it just sucks because i have 2 young kids to look over .

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I can totally relate! I feel the same way. My anxiety started last summer in June and I turned 40 in November.

I have 3 children and I am constantly worrying that I have some horrible disease that is slowly killing me.

Every headache is a brain tumor or an aneurysm...every chest pain is a heart attack...every weird feeling is something! And I can't stay off of google so when I look up my symptoms I am even more convinced that something terrible is going to happen to me. Its awful!


Yes it happen to me at home an in the hospital anxiety is like freddy kruger, once you fear anxiety it gets worse, why you dont feed your fear it calms down


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