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Happy Birthday To Me !


Hope God Bless Me And Help Me Get Better Physically And Mentally I just want to say that i turn 21 years old today Its been a rough Year For Me After bad Experince With Some WEED I have Smoked it changed Everything Went saw plenty of docters was going to the emergency room like every day and they had told me i have anxiety Disorder But i still didnt believe but now im so use to it that at this point i just been going with the flow This is going to make me stronger i been better then at first when it started and i know i have my ups and downs sometimes because i still dont believe its anxiety because of the physical sympthoms i get feel like im just going to drop dead any time or stop breathing But hey i know God is by my side and he is going to protect me I know i done alot of wrong things i wasnt soppost to do but now im adult im 21 now i have to see things differently and change my mind set things happens but doesnt mean you dont have another chance to really live and see the world but thank you everyone have a blessed day !

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNIE! Congratulations on becoming 21 years old today. This is your special day. Enjoy it. Do you have plans? This is a celebration of life. You are older and wiser now :) I hear it in your post. You've come a long way in a year's time and still have a way to go but you are going forward. That's what counts.

So put on your party hat, blow out the candles on your cake and make a WISH. A wish for a good year ahead. :) x

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thank you and yeah i will be going out to eat and go a little shopping and having a little party at home with some cake .

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Sounds great Johnnie. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it :)

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Thank you and yeah i will be going out to eat and going a little shopping and having a little party at home with some cake .

Happy Birthday fellow Scorpion! I can tell from what you've written you are on your way to being free of anxiety and will soon be enjoying life again!! 🎂

Happy birthday Johnnie.x

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