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Cause of my anxiety

When I was diagnosed with anxiety the doctors said some stressful event lit off the issue. I thought it was my health; but, now I suspect it's mostly due to my wife.

She is the only stress I have in my life, not my job, not my home, not my baby, not my family, not my friends, not my life goals, not my diet, not my motivations in life, not my Outlook on life. Just her.

I'm 32 years old and she talks to me like some asshole for no reason and I don't deserve it, never did. I don't need counseling, she needs to accept the fact that she has an attitude with people judges everyone else but herself and is completely standoffish with anyone she doesn't know.

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Dave, if you didn’t have a baby with her the answer would be nice and simple: toss her. She isn’t deserving of you. However, now that your baby is here, you have a lot to consider.

I️ too was with a woman like this when I️ was your age and had two little girls with her. I️ told myself no matter what I️ would never leave because I️ loved my girls too much. She even started cheating on me and I️ wasn’t going to go cuz of them. Well, what do you know, after about a year later she threw me out to be with her boyfriend. I️ look back and say thank the holy Lord. My girls are now 18 and 15 and doing good and they come to my house about 4 days a week and we have a great relationship.

So, you have to really think about this. It’s not easy when a child is involved, but it may be better for you and your child if you’re in a better place emotionally to help both of you. Do not have any more kids with this lady under these circumstances.

As long as you’re showing her respect, you’re deserving of the same. Don’t accept less.

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