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The master reset trick when in a panic mode

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So im driving my fiance home its maybe a 25 minute drive round trip from my house I have done this drive a good 12 times a week literally for a good few months and still going any way today I was heading back to her house and I just felt as if I couldnt breathe now this doesnt usually happen but I guess I was focusing so much on my breathing that I made myself think I wasnt breathing or gettign enough oxygen next thing I knew my second symptom started kicking in which is sweaty palms and then the third one which is the hot flashes sometimes its cold glashes but this one was hot any who i began to feel OVERHEATED and almost started sweating then my home run sympton cane to light the infamous racing heart and there I was at a red light wifey knew what was up and I was deep breathing slowly i kid you not in a matter of minutes I was back to my normal goofy self as we drove to her house it was good then I got back in my car all was well I was maybe now 10 minutes away from her house and maybe 15 from mine maybe less any way the second attack came on same symtpom order too! I dodged that bullet as well by breathing deeply in the nose for 3 seconds hold for 4 release for 8 seconds I kid you not this helped me so much I nearly was in full blown panic mode and I haven't had one of those in awhile because I never put myself in those situations that cause my panics

But the moral of this post is

DEEP BREATHE when you are in full blown panic mode it resets your nervous system right then and there if you catch your panic attack BEFORE it strikes your odds of RESETTING faster are greater but if your already in PANIC MODE your gonna have to deep breathe a little longer than if you did it BEFORE your attack striked either way your gonna reset your nervous system when doing this trick

I hope this helps yall :) im home safe

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