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Hi all I am new to this forum, for about 3 years now I have suffered with health anxiety, meaning I fixate and panic about anything to do with my health, any pain or twinge I feel In my body I literally become obsessed with and fixate on it, it then becomes worse because my mind is magnifying it, in the back of my mind I know it's due to anxiety but I can't stop worrying thinking it's some life threatening disease! Im constantly making appointments with gp's and googling symptoms which makes me so much worse. I'm phobic of anything to do with illness or Ill people, it's driving me insane! does anyone else feel like this? Or have tips on how to control this?


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  • Yup that's exactly me to a T.

    I'm sorry your going through this it's terrible. I wish I could give you come pointers but most days I'm not even sure how I function and it's driving me crazy.

    Hope you feel better

  • thank you for your reply! I agree it's awful, controls a lot of my life. comforting to know other people understand this problem, hope you too feel better.

  • there is a brilliant website called will find lots of really good tips on self help to teach yourself how to stop worrying on there and its just filled with information...i hope you try it

  • I'm just the same except I'm terrified of doctors so just worry at home.

    Dr Google helps me out when I need a really bad scare - you can depend on him for that every time!

  • Thank you Mandy I will definitely take a look at the website! Bramwell... I seek reassurance from doctors, I'm constantly making apointments but usually come away disapointed. Every test/scan you name it, I've had it! For the past year I've been suffering with what the doctors are "saying" is ibs, so that's now my new constant worry incase they've missed something "life threatening" I wish I could just accept what they say and move on! So frustrating.

  • I am new to this forum, but this is exactly how I feel all the time. I tend to catastrophy everything. I have pain in my left arm and now I here terrified that I might have Fibro because when I am anxious I have pain every where that comes and goes. I don't know what's right and what's it's not.

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